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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Archie Scott to Thomas Burke
Scott, Archie
January 10, 1783
Volume 22, Pages 620-621


Near Hillsborough, North Carolina.
James Island, 10th January, 1783.

Favoured by Lieut. Baker, of Maryland Line.

Dear Sir:

I am happy in having it in my power of giving you joy on your Safe arrival at your Habitation in North Carolina, which place I believe you was never to have seen again. If you had staid a few Days longer, I have been told several times since you left us they never intended you should go back; their reason was by several of the 82 Officers. You was too sensible to be let go amongst the People of North Carolina. You would do too much mischief amongst

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them; they seemed to be much cast Down and at a loss when they heard you were gone, as great search was Made after you. I believe every house was called on about you, but could get nothing out. You just went in the right time; we have had a good deal of trouble here, since I saw you but are in hopes it is all over now. The American Army is here on the Island; here to stay till Spring which will be troublesome to the Inhabitants, Tho’ we are well used to Armies. I hope this will find you and your family all in good health we have enjoyed our health pretty well for some time past and Mr. Scott has got another son. Miss Scott is well and desires to be remembered to you, as likewise Mrs. Scott also. I should be happy to see you here now if it should suit you, as we may talk over matters much Freer. Nothing now to fear as those unfair Dealers are gone. Your Cloak and Port manteau is sent here; wish you’d send Directions further how we may get them safely to you. I hope you’ll excuse me in not sending the Letter you left to Mr. Burke, as there was such a stir made about you. I thought it prudent to keep it back as some things Transpired very Queer. I still have the letters and order by me and they are of no use now to give them to him. Miss Ann Scott, over the way, is married to an Officer of the Prince of Wales in American Reg’t, and gone off with him; her Mother and the rest of the Family is well, and the Island is Much in the Situation as when you left us, only Mr. Henry Samway who died last October just after the British left Wappoo. I would beg as a favor you’ll stop any negroes you should have of mine. I have Two Fellows, 5 wenches and one girl; the fellows are named Dick and Nat. The winches, Jenny, Flora, Nancy, Affee and Girl Bess. Some of them may be gone your way. Mr. Rivers told me you had a fellow supposed to be mine, but he had forgot his name. Excuse my being troublesome to you.

I am Sir, with great respect Your most humble Servt.,