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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Treaty between Franklin [state] and the Cherokee Nation
Franklin (state); Cherokee Indian Nation
June 10, 1785
Volume 22, Pages 649-650


At a Treaty of Amity and Friendship begun and held with the Cherokees at the mouth of Dumplin Creek on French Broad River And Continued by Adjournment the 31st day of May, Anno Domini 1785, Present, John Sevier, Commissioner; The King of the Cherokees; Aucoo, Chief of Chota; Abraham, Chief of Chelhowa; The bord Head Warrior of the Valley towns; The Sturgion of Tallassee; The leach from Settico; The bigg man Killer from Tallassee, And near thirty more Wariors, &c., of the Cherokee Nation, together

-------------------- page 650 --------------------
With Charles Murphy, half breed Indian and Linguister of the Treaty.

Aucoo, chief of Chota, Chosen for the Speaker On the part of the Cherokees, begun & Spoke as follows:

It is agreed by us, the Warriors, Chiefs & representatives of the Cherokee Nation, that all the lands lying and being on the South side of Holeson and French Broad Rivers, as far South as the ridge that divide the Waters of Little River from the Waters of Tenesee, That the same may be peaceably inhabited & Cultivated, Resided upon, enjoyed and inhabited by our elder brother, the white people, from this time forward and allways. And do agree on our part and in behalf of our Nation, That the white people shall never be by us or any of Our nation, molested or interupted, Neither in there persons or property in no Wise, or in any Manner or form whatever, in Consequence of there Setling or Inhabiting the said territory, tract of land and Country Aforesaid, or any part of the same whatever.

John Sevier, for and in behalf of the white people, and for and in behalf of the State or Government, or the United States, as the case may hereafter be Settled & concluded on, with respect to the Jurisdiction and Sovereignty over the said Tract and territory of land. That there shall be a reasonable & liberal compensation made the Cherokees for the lands they have herein ceeded and granted to the white people, and to the State or States that may hereafter legally possess & enjoy the lands and Country aforesaid, in good faith that this bargain And engagement now made and entered into betweed Us, the white people, & the Cherokees, may never be Broken, disanuled or dissolved, in consequence of Any Claim, right or sovereignty over the soil herby Mention and described as aforesaid.

Done in open Treaty the 10th June, 1785.

AUCOO, Chief of Chota,
And Chiefs of the different towns.


Copy of a part of The Treaty.