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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of David Deaderick concerning the actions of John Sevier, including related certificate and deposition
Deaderick, David
October 25, 1788
Volume 22, Pages 699-701


Washington County, Sct.

This day personally appeared David Deaderick before me, one of the Justices of Peace for said County, and declared on oath, that on the night of the 9th Inst. about 7 o’clock, he was peacably sitting in his shed adjoining his store house, with Andw. Caldwell, when this (the deponent’s) boy informed him that Sevier was at his store door. He then got up and went to the door to know what he wanted. He, the deponant, happened to be whistling as he opened the door, and was surprised to see a number of men on horseback; he supposes about Ten or Twelve; John Sevier, Senr., at their head, who immediately on the deponent’s opening the door, said we want no whistling, we want Whiskey or Rum. The deponent replied, as to whistling he hoped he might do as he pleased, but whiskey or Rum he had none. Sevier said he was informed he had & they wanted it & would pay the money for it. The deponent answered, he was informed wrong,

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that he had neither whiskey or rum. Sevier then asked the deponent if Caldwell was with him. He answered he was and called him. Caldwell came to the door & Sevier asked him nearly the same respecting Liquor, who also informed him he had none. After hesitating a very little time he (Sevier) began to abuse this place; then its inhabitants without distinction, until the deponent thought the abuse so pointedly leveled at him, that he asked Sevier if he aimed that discourse or abuse at him. His answer was Yes, at your or anybody else. After exchanging several high words, Sevier called the deponent a son of B—ch. The deponent replied he was a d—d son of a B—ch, and stepped close to Sevier, who immediately drew out his pistol, or pistols. O, says the deponent, if you are for that I have pistols too, and turned, run into his Store, & by the time he had returned with his pistols to the door, Caldwell had shut & placed himself against the inside of it, to prevent his going out where Sevier & his party were, lest as Caldwell said, they should abuse him. After detaining the deponent some time, Caldwell saw him determined to be out, suffered him to open the door. When the deponent run out Sevier immediately presented a pistol at the deponent, who moved towards him & desired an equal chance, & he would see him; & the deponent is of opinion, if Sevier had seen him raise his pistol he would have shot him; being then to the best of his Recollection not above fifteen feet separate. In the heighth of this altercation, Caldwell & Sevier began to quarrel; in the Course of which the former desired Sevier to pay what he owed him. He replied he owed him nothing. Caldwell said he was d—d eternal liar. Sevier swore by G—d he would shoot him, & rais’d his pistol. It went off, and wounded a certain Richard Collier. Sevier & his party left the town shortly after firing his pistol. That about 2 o’clock, after midnight, Colo. Tipton, Adw. Caldwell & several others came to the deponants store when he joined them and persued Sevier whom they overtook & Apprehended about day light next morning, and further this deponant saith not.

Sworn before me at Jonesboro this 25th day of October, 1788.
WM. COX, J. P.
David Deaderick.

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Washington County, Sct.

I, Thomas Gourley, Clerk of the County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, do hereby Certify that the above named William Cox, Esqr., appointed a justice of the peace by Commission has taken the Necessary Oaths, for his qualification as a public officer in said County.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Affixed the Seal of the County at office this 25th day of October, 1788 & Thirteenth year of our Independence.



No. Carolina—Washington County:

This day came Andrew Caldwell before me, one of the Justices for the Sd. County, and made oath that agreeable to the Same Oath, that David Deadrick hath taken before me is just and true, agreeable to the same Deadrick’s Examination, which was sworn and Subscribed before me, this 25th Day of October, 1788.

WM. COX, J. P.
Andrew Caldwell.


Depositions from Greene County
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