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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolutions of the Franklin [state] General Assembly concerning taxes owed in North Carolina
Franklin (state). Council of Officers
Volume 22, Pages 726-727


Whereas, it is urged that the Sheriff, collectors, &c., of the West ern Territory, before its separation from the State of North Carolina were indebted for arrears of taxes and other public dues not paid up. And as collections have been made in full, or in part, by the said collectors, sheriffs, or commissioners of confiscated property, under and by the authority of North Carolina, this State being always desirous of being governed by the principles of honor, virtue and Justice;

It is therefore Resolved, That where any Sheriff, or commissioners of confiscated property, that have failed to settle with the State of North Carolina, or who have acted under their authority and received their appointments from the State, and have failed to account for the collections they have made, or ought to have been made; that the bonds of all such delinquents shall be given up to the Order of the said State of North Carolina to be recovered according to law.

Be it further Resolved, That a Commissioner be appointed to wait

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on the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, in order to evince them that it is our desire to establish a lasting and permanent Union as well with North Carolina as the rest of the States on the continent and to remove any doubts that may arise in that State, respecting the goodness of our wishes towards them on the subject of our separation; and to assure them we are determined to pay the most strict observance to the true intent and meaning of their Act of Cession passed the Second day of June, 1784.

R. Mitchell, C. S.
T. A. Ramsey, C. C.


Resolutions of the Assembly
of The State of Franklin.