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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Smith to Alexander Martin
Smith, Benjamin, 1756-1826
November 29, 1790
Volume 22, Pages 802-803



Be pleased to return my heartfelt acknowledgments to the very respectable Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina for the high honor they have conferred upon me, by their unanimous vote of thanks. I am concerned that the donation, which they have condescended to receive thus favorably, is not more immediately productive; but I flatter myself it will justify the value they have stamped upon it by becoming in time a beneficial fund to the institution over which you preside.

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In all free and enlightened countries the encouragement of learning is acknowledged to be one of the wisest measures a State can pursue. In this sentiment, I sincerly wish for the prosperity of our University, annd shall be happy in every opportunity of promoting its encouragement.

To Your Excellency, many thanks are due for the polite and very obliging manner in which you have conveyed the resolution of the Board to one, who is, with great esteem and the most perfect consideration.

Your very obedient,

Fayetteville, November 29th, 1790.