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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
General orders from William Tryon and John Rutherford on their expedition to Hillsborough
Tryon, William, 1729-1788; Rutherford, John, 1724-1782
September 19, 1768 - October 02, 1768
Volume 22, Pages 870-876

-------------------- page 870 --------------------

Twenty men with the King’s colors will mount guard, Headquarters, this evening, as soon as retreat is beat.

One day’s provisions to be delivered to the troops immediately. The General to beat to-morrow morning at 4 o’clock; the Assembly at 5, and the troops to march off immediately after. These orders to be read by an officer at the head of each company as soon as Retreat is beat, when the men will assemble without arms behind the colors of the respective companies.

Enoe Camp, Monday, 19th September, 1768.

Parole Cape Fear.

The troops to be held in readiness to march to-morrow morning and wait for orders.

One day’s provisions to be delivered to the troops immediately.

The prisoners to be strictly guarded.

Hillsborough Camp, Tuesday, 20th September, 1768.

Parole Wilmington.

The Honorables John Rutherford, Lewis H. DeRosset, John Sampson, Robert Palmer, Benjamin Heron and Samuel Strudwick, Esquires, are appointed Lieutenants-General, and John Ashe, Esq., Major-General, to the army.

One day’s provisions to be delivered out to the men. Two Captains, two Lieutenants, two Ensigns and one hundred men with noncommissioned officers in proportion, to march into town this evening as a town guard.

The court house and market house to be guard rooms. The Major of Brigade to post the sentries in and around the town, as it is found necessary. A cannon to be kept loaded both in town and in camp, and to be fired in case of an alarm, the firing of either of which guns will be a signal for the troops immediately to get under arms and wait for orders.

Hillsblrough Camp, Wednesday, 21st September, 1768.

Parole Brunswick.

One day’s provisions to be delivered out to the men.

No persons to come into town with arms without leave of the commanding officer.

-------------------- page 871 --------------------

The list of the names of the officers and men of the Rowan, Mecklenburg, Orange and Granville detachments and train of artillery to be delivered in immediately by the several colonels to his Excellency. As soon as the lists of men are delivered in, the men to be paraded and mustered morning and evening.

No provisions in quantities suffered to be sent out of town.

Sentries to be placed to prevent the soldiers going into tippling houses.

Hillsborough Camp, Thursday, 22nd September, 1768.

Parole Bath.

The detachments from Orange and Granville regiments of militia to form each a battalion and to join and form one brigade. Colonel Fanning to command the Orange battalion, which will take the right, and Colonel Harris to command the Granville battalion, which will take the left of the brigade.

The two brigades to form one line, the Orange and Granville Brigade to take the right and the Rowan and Mecklenburg brigades to the left of the line.

Officers appointed by his Excellency: Col. Thomas Lloyd to the rank of Major-General in the army. James Moore, Esq., is appointed to command, with the rank of Colonel, all the artillery and artillery company of volunteers. Robert Shaw, Esq., to be Lieutenant-Colonel to the said artillery. Samuel Swann, Jr., Esq., Captain, First and Second Lieutenant to the corps of artillery. The distribution of the general officers in the line: Lieutenants-General John Rutherford, John Sampson and Benjamin Heron, Esquires, and Thomas Lloyd, Esq., Major-General, to take post at the head of the right wing; Lieutenants-General the Hon. Lewis DeRosset and Samuel Strudwick, Esquires, and Major-General John Ashe, Esq., to take first at the head of the left wing; Lieutenant-General Rutherford to command the right wing, and Lieutenant-General DeRosset the left wing of the line.

A council of war to be held at 4 o’clock, to which all general field officers who are in town or camp are to be immediately summoned to attend the same at the headquarters. All members of Assembly in town or camp are desired to give their attendance at the council of war.

Provisions to be delivered as usual till further orders.

-------------------- page 872 --------------------

Alexander Lillington, Esq., is appointed Colonel Commandant (with the rank of Colonel of a company of light infantry).

Abner Nash, Esq., is appointed Major of a brigade (with rank of Colonel) of the right brigade.

Hillsborough Camp, Friday, 23rd September, 1768.

Parole Edenton.

Dispositions for the security of the town and camp. A Captain and fifty men to mount guard at the market house and to be relieved every morning at 8 o’clock by the same number.

This post to furnish all the necessary sentries in the town, especially all the avenues of the streets and at the prison. Also send patrols of a Sergeant and four men every hour through the night to observe if the sentries belonging to the guard are alert, and to visit the taverns and turn out all soldiers that are drinking there after retreat beating, and send them to their camp or quarters.

Any persons creating any disturbances in the streets are to be taken and carried to the guard room. An officer and twenty men to take post at Fort Collete and an Ensign and fifteen men to take post in Mr. Nash’s mill. A Captain and thirty men to be posted on the road at the west end of town, and to furnish six sentries on their front and flanks. A Lieutenant and twenty men to be posted on the road at the east end of town. The officers in each post to make two rounds in the night between evening and morning. In case of an alarm, each guard to be immediately under arms, and if attacked to send word to the Adjutant-General at headquarters and defend themselves the best they can till they receive succor. On the firing of the alarm gun, the troops to get immediately under arms, and if time will permit before they receive orders to march, each Captain to inspect if the arms of his company are loaded and if their men have got powder and bullets enough for twelve rounds at least. If any deficiency of ammunition, they will send for a supply from Colonel Moore, Commander of the artillery.

His Excellency takes this opportunity of thanking the officers and men of the army for the alertness and spirit with which they turned out with last night on the firing of the alarm gun, and recommends the profoundest silence should be observed by the men on any future like occasion, and is sorry his indisposition prevents his thanking them in person.

-------------------- page 873 --------------------

Alarm posts for the army. The troops in camp to form in front of their brigades.

Colonel Moore’s Light Dragoons and Colonel Moore’s Light Infantry in King’s street, opposite headquarters.

Col. James Moore’s company and artillery at the market house.

The Town Company in Church street, near the court house.

In case of an alarm, an officer from each corps in the regiment to repair to headquarters for orders, and the troops, when they move, to march without the beat of a drum.

Hillsborough Camp, Saturday, 24th September, 1768.

Parole New Bern.

His Excellency appoints Lieutenant-General John Rutherford to the command of the army until his health will permit him to appear abroad.


It is ordered that the Rev. Mr. Suther preach to-morrow to the Rowan and Mecklenburg regiments, and desires the Rev. Mr. Micklejohn to preach to the Orange and Granville regiments. Service to begin at 11 o’clock.

The disposition of the troops the same as last night, and the same general orders to be observed.

One day’s provisions to be delivered the men.

It is ordered that the commissaries by to-morrow at 12 o’clock deliver to the Adjutant-General an account of the expense of the provisions since the commencement of the service to that time. And also the quantity of flour, biscuit and beef now remaining.

Ordered the army parade to-morrow in the fields at the west end of the town on the firing of the morning gun, the main guard excepted.

Any person who occasions a false alarm by wantonly firing his piece shall be severely punished.

Hillsborough Camp, Tuesday, 27th September, 1768.

Parole Tryon.

The same disposition of the troops as before.

One day’s provisions to be delivered immediately.

It is ordered the troops parade to-morrow, immediately after the firing of the morning gun, in Main street.

-------------------- page 874 --------------------

Ordered that the several Adjutants attend the Adjutant-General every afternoon at 4 o’clock to receive orders.

Hillsborough Camp, Wednesday, 28th September, 1768.

Parole Wake.

It is ordered the Rowan and Mecklenburg Brigade do the duty of the main guard, and the Orange regiment the artillery guard. Also that they furnish sentinels as the preceding night.

His Excellency sent orders to direct the discharge of the detachment from Granville Regiment of Militia, and also one-half of the detachment of the Orange regiment, and desired his thanks to be given to the whole army for their steady-spirited and very attentive manner they have performed their duty since on this service.

It is ordered that returns be immediately made to the Adjutant-General from the Orange and Granville regiments before and after the discharges above mentioned are made.

The officers and soldiers of the Rowan and Mecklenburg Brigade wrote to the Adjutant-General and Major of Brigade, desiring them in their behalf to wait on his Excellency, and in the most dutiful and respectful terms to express their happiness and entire satisfaction in having received this day his Excellency’s thanks for their behavior since they have been employed on this service, adding their most ardent wishes for his Excellency’s speedy recovery.

One day’s provisions to be delivered to the troops.

Hillsborough Camp, Thursday, 29th September, 1768.

Parole Marchmont.

One day’s provisions to be delivered to the troops immediately.

His Excellency desires to return his thanks to the Rowan and Mecklenburg Brigades for their kind wishes for the establishment of his health, and the Lieutenant-General has the happiness to inform the officers and soldiers of his Excellency being some better in his health, and that there is great reason to hope his recovery, though reduced extremely low by the severity of his disorder.

Hillsborough Camp, Friday 30th September, 1768.

Parole Grafton.

One day’s provisions to be delivered to the troops imemdiately.

It is ordered the Rowan and Mecklenburg Brigade be supplied with half a pound of powder and one pound lead to each man from the artillery stores and magazine.

-------------------- page 875 --------------------

His Excellency sent orders to discharge the remaining part of the Orange detachment of militia this day.

Ordered that the Rowan and Mecklenburg Brigade do the duty of the artillery guard.

It is ordered by his Excellency that the Union Brigade do hold themselves in readiness to march by 12 o’clock to-morrow, if required.

Hillsborough Camp, Saturday, 1st October, 1768.

Parole Stanhope.

One day’s provisions to be delivered to the men immediately.

The Union Brigade to parade in the main street, to be reviewed by his Excellency at 12 o’clock.

Hillsborough Camp, Sunday, 2nd October, 1768.

Parole Villiers.

One day’s provisions to be delivered the men immediately.

The Union Brigade to march to-morrow morning under the command of Colonel Osborn towards Salisbury in the same order they marched to Hillsborough, the General to beat at 6 o’clock, the Assembly at 8 and the troops to march off immediately after.

The brigade will take back but three of the swivel guns.

His Excellency returns both the officers and men of the army his grateful and unfeigned thanks for their patient and persevering conduct with which they have supported government, their own honor and the credit of his administration, as by their spirited behavior they have greatly contributed to the dispersing of the rioters and in bringing them to submission to government and a sense of their errors. These measures being happily effected, it is his Excellency’s pleasure that Colonel Osborne carry a proclamation of pardon, with a few exceptions, to the insurgents, which Colonel Osborne will read at the head of the brigade at Salisbury, and afterwards fix it up at the court house door.

The troops may rest assured that his Excellency will take the first opportunity of moving the Assembly for the imediate payment of the money due to them for their services. Therefore directs the commanding officers of each corps to make out fair estimates of their time of service, agreeable to that allowed to the officers and men on the Cherokee expedition, to be delivered to the Adjutant-General at New Bern, the 3rd day of November, in order that his Excellency may lay them before the General Assembly. The Commissaries of the army also, and all others having any claim on the public for

-------------------- page 876 --------------------
services on this expedition, are directed to make out their accounts to be delivered at same time to the Adjutant-General.

The wagons to keep close up with the brigade, and such as are empty to serve as hospital wagons to assist the sick.