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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Testimony of Anthony Foreman concerning the actions of Franklin [state] towards the Cherokee Nation
Foreman, Anthony
January 26, 1789
Volume 22, Page 1007

-------------------- page 1007 --------------------

I heard John Sevier, at a public gathering of people on French Broad, stand up and inform the people that he had received a letter from Colonel Rody, and also one from Colonel Outlaw, informing him that the Assembly of North Carolina had now thrown the people of that country from under their protection, and that they had no other way now but to stand in their own defense. And Mr. Sevier further said, you all will know that the Cherokees have refused selling their lands to us from time to time, and we have no other way now but to take it by the sword, by going into their nation, killing and taking their women and children, destroying their provisions, and by these means we will compel them to give up their lands to us. At the same time it was mentioned that Colonel Outlaw had offered his services with two hundred men to assist in the above plan to carry an expedition against the Cherokees, and they said they were determined to stop the treaty ordered by North Carolina, agreeable to the requisitions of Congress.