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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Guilford Dudley to John Butler
Dudley, Guilford
July 05, 1781
Volume 22, Page 1039

-------------------- page 1039 --------------------

Camp Joseph Hinton’s, July 5th, 1781.


I have made a second essay to march my men to Crop Creek, but am sorry to inform you that it was with less success than before. Both officers and privates unanimously refuse to cross the line which divides the districts (one soldier only excepted who was willing to follow me.) They urge the same reasons as before, and are determined to abide by the consequences of a disobedience to orders. I can do no more with these men. It becomes irksome and disagreeable to command. If any thing more remains which I can be of service in, I am willing to exert my small share of abilities, but at present there seems but little for me to do.

You will, I hope sir, consider the anxiety I feel to return home and the situation I am in at present which is far from being agreeable, and then I do not doubt but I shall have your permission to retire.

I am Sir, with sincere regard, your Obed. Servt.,

N. B. Then men’s tour will be up in twenty days.