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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Commissioners of the Customs of England to the Lords of the Treasury of England
England. Commissioners of the Customs
January 22, 1680
Volume 01, Pages 267-269

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

May it please your Lordps

In obedience to your Lordps Comands signifyed to us by Mr. Guy on the anexd Peticion of Thomas Miller late Collector of his Mates Customes in Albemarle Countye in Carolina Setting forth that he was deputed Collector in the yeare 1676 and arrived there in July 1677 and by the powers and Instructions given him by the Comrs of his Mats Customes had reduced the matter relating to his Mats Revenue of Customes there into a good order and method and had secured in goods and specialtyes to his Mats use in lieu of Customes to the value of above Two thousand pounds Sterling and had taken care for a speedy freight to convey the same for England But has hindered by a great Tumult and Rebellion that broke out in the month of December 1677 in wch John Culpeper and Zechariah Gillam & others were Ringleaders the Petic̄onr being put in Irons and in a cruell and Barbarous manner shutt up from all Society & Robbed of the Books Specialties Papers and goods that related to his Mats Debts and Revenues as also of all his own bookes & goods to a considerable value That by the good Providence of Almighty God the petr in the year 1679 made his escape and in December last arived in England where with his Deputy whom he brot over with him he is able to charge the said Culpeper and Gillam with the said miscarriages who are now both in England whereby his Mates just dues may be secured and the Parties

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punished according to Law and Justice, But the petic̄onr by reason of his goodes being taken from his as aforesaid & his long unjust and cruell confinemt wth the great charges of his voyage & coming to London from the Western Parts of England where he first landed in soe much impoverished That he hath not wherewithall to supply himselfe and his Deputy in necessaries And humbly Praying your Lordp to take his sad Condition into your Compassion and to direct the Comrs of his Mats Customes to examine the severall Allegac̄ons & Proofes the Petr hath in the Premisses That his Mates duties may be secured And that Culpeper (who is now in Custody by Order of the King in Councill) together with the said Zechar. Gillam may be examined and punished according to their deserts for the said misdemeanrs And that the Petic̄onr may have Councill assigned him to manage the charge against the said persons before the Councill Board and something allowed for him and his Deputies present reliefe as your Lops in your wisdome and great equity shall think fitt the Petr having been a sufferer for his Zeale and faithfulnesse in his Mates service.

We do humbly report to yor Lordps that by your Presentment of the 9 Instant (copy whereof is hereunto anexed) we layed before yr Lordps the state of yor Petic̄onrs case And having examined the anexed Petic̄on We do further humbly acquaint yor Lops That the Petic̄onr was appointed Collector of his Mates Customes in the said Countye in the yeare 1676 And by the anexed accompt & the Affidavitts of the Petic̄onr and Henry Hudson one of his Deputies It appears That in pursuance of the severall Lawes relating to the Plantac̄on Trade and his Commission from us grounded thereupon the Petic̄onr and his Deputies had recd & taken into their hands in bonds and other specialties to the value of Twelve Hundred forty two Pounds eight shillings and one penny sterling & eight hundred & seaventeen hhds of Tobacco & That John Culpeper menc̄oned in the Petic̄on by the encouragement of Zecha. Gillam being two of the Principall Contrivers & Promoters of the said Rebellion with the assistance of severall other persons violently took the same out of the Petic̄onr and his Deputies hands & disposed thereof to his & their uses.

We do further humbly acquaint yor Lordps that the Petic̄onr & one of his Deputies are now here in person to make proof against the said Gillam & Culpeper for recovering his Mats dues soe taken from them And we are opinion that the King's Councill learned in the law may be advised with in order thereunto And the Petic̄onr being as we conceive reduced to great necessity and having not wherewithall for a present maintenance of himselfe and Deputies much less to defray the necessary charges of his

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& his Deputies attendance on the prosecution of the said Gillam & Culpeper We do humbly recommend him to yor Lordps favour for such an Allowance as yor Lordps shall think fitt he having been a great Sufferer in the King's service

All which is humbly submitted to
Yor Lordps Considerac̄on

Customhouse London.
22 January 1679.