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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Perquimans Precinct Court
North Carolina. Precinct Court (Perquimans Precinct)
August 07, 1693 - August 08, 1693
Volume 01, Pages 396-398


Major Alexandr Lillington esqr
Mr Henry White esqr
Mr Thomas Lepper esqr
Mr John Barrow esqr

Jurors Names Mr John Porter Junr Mr Patrick Kenady Mr Arthur Karlton, Mr Geo Branch Mr Isaac Rowden Mr Antho Dawson Mr John ffendall Mr Jos Sutton Mr Isaac Wilson Mr John Wade Mr John Mason Mr John Bentley

A Bill of sale acknowledged in Court by James Johnson and his wife to Capt Relfe ffletcher.

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Ordered that Cornelius Lerry doe make his appearance at the next County Court then and there to make his defence agt a petition of John Bentley

In an action of ye cace referred ye Jury ffoll. the Jury finds for the Plantf wth cost alias execution ffoster: agt Hopkins

A deed of Gift acknowledged in Court by Ann Parish formerly Jacocks and John Parish her husband to her son John Huffton.

Hopkins ver Burroughs

In an action of the case no cause of action appearing Ordered a nonsuite.

Stanley ver Tomey

In an action of debt by Bill: an acct appearing agt the bill & sworn unto by the defendt ordered a nonsute.

King ver Williamson

In an action of ye case it was agreeed upon by the Plantf and defendt that Capt Antho. Dawson & Mr Stephen Mannering doe audite and fully determine the matter betwixt ye plantf and if they cannot agree wthin them selves then the arbitrators to Chuse an umpire who shall make a finall determination in relation to ye condition exhibited to ye Court who fine due to Mr King 876℔ of tobacco and all things cleare betwixt them ordrd that Richd Williamson pay 676℔ Tobacco wth Cost alias Execution.

Articles of agreemte acknowedged in Court by John ffoster and Stephen Pane to be their voluntary act and deed:

Belman ver Mannering

In an action of ffalse Molestation there being an error in ye declaration. Ordered a nonsuite.

The Court adjourned till tomorrow morning.

Thomas King being Indited for felloniously stealing sevell Goods from Mrs Diana ffoster and others referred to ye Grand Jury Jurors names as followeth Mr John Porter Junr Mr Stephen Manwering Mr Robert Brightwell Mr John Hopkins Mr Christor Butler Mr Henry Norman Mr Patrick Henley Mr John Belman Mr Andrew Reede Mr Wm Butler Mr Michael Conner Mr Geo: Mathews Mr Robert Mulline. The Grand Jury went out and brought in their verdict Ignoramus:

Mrs Diana ffoster hath given unto Wm Willoughby a Cow and Calfe ye marke is an over keele and under keele on ye left ear & a cropp & foure slitts on ye right ear to him and his heirs for ever

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Hartly vers Gaskin

In an action of Trover & Conversion. Ordered to be referred to the next Court

Thomas Hassold enters one hundred and fifty acres land lying in Pequimons River on ye N. Est side of ye River betweene ye land of Mr Saml Pricklove and Thomas Attoway

A petition exhibited to ye Court by Eliza Arnold shewing that her husband Lawrence Arnold left his estate to his son John Arnold to be enjoyed at 13 yeares of age but being uncapable to mannage it by reason of his tendr yeares prayeth to chuse Jonathan Bateman for his Guardian: Ordered yt Jonna: Bateman be his Guardian and that his Mother doe bring in an Inventory of all the sd estate to ye next Court.

Upon a petition exhibited by Jabell Alford praying to have liberty to chuse a Guardian. Ordered that the said Jabell Alford be bound to Mrs Susanna Hartley Widow untill he be one and twenty yeares of age & that ye said Mrs Hartly be bound and enter into bond to learne him the trade of a Carpenter or Joyner wthin ye said time.

Upon a petition exhibitted by Thomas Hassold shewing yt a child named Thomas Snoden was left wth him by his ffather in Law Edmund Pirkins upon condition to pay him 600 pounds of Tobacco per anno for his Dyatt Ordered yt the said Thomas Snoden serve the said Hassold untill his ffather in Law come for him or els till he arrive at ye age of twenty one yeares

A deed of conveyance from Capt Henderson Walker to Edward Wilson ye 8o of Augt 1693

A deed of Conveyance from Daniel Oneale to Christopher Butler acknowledged in Court ye 8th of Augt 1693

Hartley vers Cobb

Upon an attachmte agt the estate of Thomas Cobb upon ye accott of Ml Thomas Slaughter ye evidence not appearing referred to the next Court

Wm Gaskin enters for his son Wm̄ Gaskin two cowes over halfe on ye right ear and a cropp & a slitt on ye left eare & one cow slit on both eares.