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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Virginia Governor's Council
Virginia. Council
June 26, 1705
Volume 01, Page 615

-------------------- page 615 --------------------
[Minutes of Va. Council. B. P. R. O. B. T. Va. 56.]

26th June 1705

In pursuance of an Order of Council of 31st May last past Mr James Minge Surveyor this day attended his Excellency and the Council who acquainted him that being desirous to know whether the line between this Government and North Carolina if run according to the patent of the Lords Proprietors may cut off any plantations held by titles from this Government They proposed to him to take an observation at the mouth of the Weyanoake Creeke now commonly known by the name of Maherin river and thence to proceed directly westward in the latitude of 36d 30m according to the course of the Proprietors patent making his observac̄ons at two or three more places, where he thinks most convenient for discovering the course of the said line and desired him to withdraw and consider what assistance he may want for performing that service Whereupon the said Mr Minge withdrew & having taken a Memorandum from the patent of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina returned with some proposals for his better accomplishing that service And it appearing that the said Mr Minge cannot appear therein before next November it is referred till October Generall Court (when it is probable all the gentlemen of the Council will be in Town) for consideration of such further directions as shall be found necessary for accomplishing the service now proposed. In the meantime Mr Minge is desired to keep secret the intentions of this Government in relation to the running the course of the said line And for the better concealing thereof it is Ordered that the Clerk of the Council do not issue the Order of Council of 31st May to the Surveyor of Nansemond for laying out the Maherin Indians land till Mr Minge be ready to go out with him to take the aforesd observac̄on that the people of North Carolina may have no other suspicion than that those Surveyors are only going about laying the Maherin Indians land.