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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Hyde to the [Lords Proprietors of Carolina]
Hyde, Edward, 1667-1712
August 22, 1711
Volume 01, Pages 801-803

-------------------- page 801 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Am: & W: Ind: Vol: 22. P. 2.]

My Lord,

As no one can more heartily congratulate your Lordship in that high station her Majesty has so deservedly placed your Lordships so no one can be less desirous of giving you any trouble now you are in it But it is my lot at this time to be placed in a government where I find nothing but sedition has been industriously cultivated and rebellion too much practiced. An instance of which will be very evident in Coll: Cary who is now sent prisoner to England. I think this is but the third Rebellion he has headed since he came into Carolina beginning with him in Ashley River, where he headed 300 Mob and seized Judge Trot and twice since he came into North Carolina concluding with me. He and those people committed with him which he intended Evidences for himself were at the request of me and the Councell apprehended by the Honble Alexander Spotswood Lieutenant General Governor of Virginia and I should do very great Injustice to that honble person if I did not own that the prospect we have of peace being settled in this Government oweing to him, as well as putting an end to this Rebellion to his measures; I [saw] no way left to support her Majesty's authority and peace here and maintain the Lords Proprietors power but by begging assistance from the Governour of Virginia who with great compassion tooke the miserable case of that Country and my circumstance (in a manner I may say) into his own protection.

I humbly supplicate your Lordships that not having had notice of Coll: Carys being apprehended and committed before the Fleet sayld for England by which it was rendered impossible for me to send evidences to make out our charge at this time against him, which I have no reason to doubt but I shall do with great clearness) that I may have sufficient time allowed me to send over my evidences and proofs: But if such a favourable consideration (in your Lordships) to the poverty of this Country should prevail with your Lordships to get a Commission sent into Virginia to examine not only evidences but to try the criminals that are in Custody here (if Coll: Cary and those committed with him shall not by your Lordship be thought fit to be try'd allso) must undoubtedly be esteemed a very great Charity—I must entreat leave to observe to your Lordship that Levy Treuvit and George Lumley are two of the most

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eminent villains that could be picked out for Coll: Cary's purpose the first Coll: Cary made clarke of Pemplico Court in Bath County where it will be proved he was famous for forging of false Judgements and razing of records which most in that Court are now raz'd by him George Lumley was made the Secretarys Clarke by Coll: Cary and when he reced the Collonys seal and the Records he gave bond to restore them when required as whole as when he received them without corruption or Imbezelment when I sent my order for them he refused it and when I compelled him to deliver them, abundance of records was not only razed but whole councells cut out of the Booke the other two Edmund Porter and Challingwood Ward are as usefull for any wicked purpose as the others and were all of them in arms on board the Brigantine with Coll: Cary when he assaulted me the 30th of June last on Coll: Pollocks Plantation but was repulsed. I humbly beg your Lordships pardon that I have trespassed thus much upon your Lordships patience, I hope of your Lordships protection and Interest as my cause will appear having been most barbarously used ever since I came in by a people I never offended, but the Quakers that have ever strove to overturn the church Government in this Colony has since I came in pushed it on with unusuall force many having tooke up arms themselves. I had allmost forgot to beg of your Lordships that if John Porter senior who I hear has gone in a Runne for England should be heard of so that it comes to your Lordships knowledge, he may be tooke up for he has not only at all times been the disturber of the Peace of this Government ever since he came into it but in this last commotion has endeavoured by going in person to severall Indian towns and by promises of reward, to bring down the Indians to cut of Man, Woman and Child on the Western Shore of Chowan, that has been the only subjects to her Majesty that on all occasions has expressed their Loyalty I humbly beg leave to recommend myself and cause to your Lordships protection and interest, and if it were not too great a presumption if I might have my complaints made by your Lordships to my Lord Rochester and my Lord Guernsey I shall take it as an extraordinary Favour assuring your Lordships that no person living can be with greater regard and respect more your Lorbships then

My Lord
your Lordships
most obedient most faithfull
and most devoted humble servant

North Carolina
August the 22nd 1711.

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I hope Mr Tobras Knights sent over by this Fleet who was Secretary here may be admitted to give such proofs before your Lordships as he is furnished with Coll: Cary being tooke after he was on Board and so cannot be fully prepar'd as otherwise he might, and which I shall take care that he shall.