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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proclamation by Alexander Spotswood concerning settlers on the North Carolina/Virginia boundary
Spotswood, Alexander, 1676-1740
June 10, 1712
Volume 01, Pages 853-854

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol. 13. O. 129.]

No 8

10th day of June 1712

By her Majties Lieutt: Gover and Commander in Chief of this Dominion—

A Proclamation prohibiting the taking up or Seating any Lands within the bounds in Dispute between this Colony and the Province of North Carolina.

Whereas I have received Information that Notwithstanding the severall Proclamations and other orders heretofore Published Restraining

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the taking up any Lands within the Controverted Bounds between this Colony and Carolina Diverse Inhabitants of this Colony have lately taken up and Entred with the officers of Carolina for Sundry Tracts of Land between Maherine and Roanoak Rivers moved by an Imagination that Possession of Lands within the said Bounds under Surveys or Grants from the Government of North Carolina will be sufficient to secure their Title thereto altho the said Lands be afterwards adjudged to belong to her Majtie To the End therefore that no Person may be imposed on or Deceive themselves by such a Specious pretence I have thought fitt by and with the Advice of her Majties Council to Issue this Proclamation hereby Publishing and Declareing that her Majtie by order in her Privy Council the first of March 1710 hath Expressly forbidd any Surveys or Grants to be made either by this Government or that of Carolina of any Lands within the bounds in Dispute until the same be finally Determined And I Do in pursuance of her Majties said Commands require all her Majties subjects within this Colony to forbear Entring for Seating on or Taking out Patents for any Lands within the bounds in Dispute untill the finall Determination thereon in the Manner her Majtie hath prescribed Certifying such as Shall Act Contrary to her Majtie Commands in the premises that if the Lands So by them Entred Seated or Patented do fall within this Colony they shall not only lose all Benefitt of the said Entrys or Grants but also of the Rights upon which they have obtained the same and that the said Lands with all and every the Improvemts made thereon shall be Granted to any other of her Majties Subjects desireing the same That have Given a due Obedience to her Majties Commands and the orders of this Governmt Issued thereupon And I do require the Sherifs of the severall Countys to Cause this Proclamation to be Read and Published at the Court houses of their Respective Countys Given under my hand and the seale of the Colony this 10th day of June 1712 In the 11th Year of her Majties Reign

God save the Queen.


Referrd to in Coll Spotswood's Lre of 26th July 1712

Recd Sept 19th 1712
Read Feb 26th 1712