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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Governor's Council to Alexander Spotswood
North Carolina. Council
Volume 01, Pages 888-889

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol. 13. O. 138.]

North Carolina

To the Honble Alexander Spotswood her Majestys Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

May it please your Honr

The many instances of your Favours in the distressed condition of this Country by your endeavours to succour us with men; by your interposition with the Heathen and by your utmost endeavours to prevent any supply of ammunition and Arms to our barbarous Enemys encourages us to renew our supplications to your Honr for some timely assistance under the most miserable condition that ever people groaned. We can with very great truth say we have exerted our utmost endeavours as well by arms as by Treatys to maintaine the honour of the British and Christian Character; but what with the greatest poverty the repeated slaughters of our men and the disability of our few remaining by wounds and continual Fatigues and Marches We are rendered not only incapable of carrying on an Offensive but even a Defensive War, And the barbarous Heathen are so well acquainted with our disability both which renders all

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treatys vain and likewise makes us more obnoxious to their barbarous Crueltys.

Wherefore we humbly supplicate your Honr by all the ties of Christianity and all the ties of Humanity and Fellow subjects to afford us some assistance without which the destruction of many unfortunate familys will follow what reputation that will be to our neighbouring Governments or the necessity of makeing use of the Heathen for Mediators Your Honr is too good a Judge to be informed What we can promise on our parts is provisions and the expense of transporting the soldiers which is all our Circumstances will admit of Your Compassion to so many of her Majestys Subjects will greatly add to your illustrous Character and confirme that opinion which we really have of your being to the utmost of your power the Protector of the distressed

We are
Yr Honr very humble servants