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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Moseley to Francis Nicholson
Moseley, Edward, ca. 1682-1749
July 15, 1714
Volume 02, Pages 133-134


Chowan, N. Carolina 15th July 1714.

The laudable designs you have constantly persued of advancing the Interest of the Church in America among other matters of your great intentions for promoting that Service led you to bestowe of your own generosity the Sum of Thirty pounds to be distributed in three of the precincts of North Carolina which you lodged in the hands of Mr Walker my predecessor at my intermarriage with his Widow I found the money had not been applied by reason of his Death soon after your gift tho' he had taken care to have it mentioned in the Vestry book of this precinct that the part belonging to it. viz. Ten pounds should be laid out for a piece of plate for the communion Service, mentioning the Donors gift and I perswaded myself the like care was taken by him in the other two precincts Poquimans and Pasquotank tho' I cannot learn there is anything appeares on their Books.

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I have paid Pasquotanck precinct who have misapplied the money contrary to your Excellencys intentions by parting with it to satisfie, such Engagements as the produce of our Country would have been sufficient for, vizt Some debts and howe to raise so much plate at present they knowe not what measure to take.

The same steps were begun by the Pequimans, and I fear the Chowan Money, but I lodged it in Mr Pere Dummers hands of Boston towards procuring Church plate where at present I find it lyes to wait Yr Excellency's further orders altho' they have constrained me to give orders for the removeale of the money without any apparent intentions of applying it to the uses you so generously proposed. For those reasons I have presumed to trouble your Excellency with these few lines to request you to give your orders to Mr Dummer to send it to the precincts of Chowan and Pequimans in such plate as you shall please for the service of the church as you designed it he has my letters accompanying this to observe your orders for that purpose which if you do not or order I can hardly think the Church will be the better for so pious and charitable a gift. Begging your Excellency's pardon for the trouble I give you in perusing this Scrawl and leave to present Your Excellency my hearty Sincere thanks for the favours you are pleased to show me when in Company Quarry I waited on Your Excellency in your Government of Virginia I crave leave to subscribe myself &c