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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Urmston to the Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
Urmston, John
December 15, 1716
Volume 02, Pages 260-261

[From N. C. Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina Decr 15th 1716


In my last of Novr 13th last past I gave you an account of the extraordinary pains I have taken the last autumn; that I had visited all the corners of the Colony however obscure or inaccessible, Baptized great numbers, but not all that wanted it, through the stupid neglect of Parents &c and want of assistance in passages over all the petty creeks and swamps, whch are almost between every House: the humours of the people in general being such, that when their turn is served, they care not who goes unserved. If I must continue here I shall attempt another progress in the Spring, God willing provided the Society shall not think fit to send more Labourers in this uncultivated vineyard and and then possibly I may stop the mouths of many complaints of neglect in my late endeavours.

By waiting to see what the Vestry would do & expecting an account of money is due to me from the Society and all my debts paid, I am reduced to great straits. in so much that I am now forced to draw afresh or starve; supply I expect none from the Country. The Governor can do me no service, for all are ready to kick against him and the sure way not to speed is to desire his assistance, Governors and Ministers here are generally accounted useless, Burdensome and ever enemies to the Country. I pray you therefore desire the Treasurer to the Society to pay to Joseph Jekyll Esqr His Majesty's Collector of Customs at Boston in New England, or his order 20 pounds sterling (bills of equal date being produced) and if his correspondent the Bearer hereof will undertake it pay likewise 40 pounds of like money to be invested in goods to buy me 3 or 4 Negroes in Guinea; but if he refuse I beg some body may be

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employed to engage some Guinea Captn or Merchant to be delivered to the aforesaid Jon . . . . . Jekyll or to me 3 Negroes men of middle stature about 20 years old and a Girl of about 16 years. here is no living without servants there are none to be hired of any colour and none of the black kind to be sold good for anything under 50 or 60£ white servants are seldom worth keeping and never stay out the time indented for. I likewise desire a Bill of Exchange for £20 sterling payable to me or order at Barbadoes. I believe I have more due for according to my account: on the 25th Instant there will be an hundred pounds coming to me. I shall be glad to hear my requests are complied with and till then must struggle with a hard Winter, scarcity of Provisions, and rub through many more difficulties with all the patience I am endued with and ever be, Sir,

Your most humble Servt