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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Declaration by Richard Everard concerning his actions as Governor of North Carolina
Everard, Richard, Sir, 1683-1733
January 06, 1729
Volume 03, Pages 5-6

[B. P. R. O. Proprieties. B. T. Vol. 12. R. 103.]

JANY 6th 1728-9.

In Order to Convince mankind and in particular ye Inhabitants of this Province whereof I am Governr yt all unhappy misundrstandings & dissenc̄ons between me and the Members of Assembly and other Gent: of good note within this Government I do hereby in the most solemn manner Acknowledge to be owing to the Calumnies & false informac̄ons given me by Chr: Gale John Lovick, and Wm Little Esqrs at my arrival here & trusting too much to the Characters they gave me of Several Gent. here I find those Gent. the reverse persons of great Probity and much Sincerity This being the principal occasion of all former misunderstandings I beg as such it may be attributed and further if any Act of Governmt since my Admon has in the least proved pernicious or detrimental to the Welfare or Repose of this Province I do hereby declare to the World it has been owing to the Advice of Gale Lovick and Little the only enemies to the Repose and quiet of this People and as they have

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been so ever Since they have been in the Country their Advice for the future shall never be regarded by


Janry 6 1728-9.

North Carolina

Copy of the Declaration of Sr Ricd Everard present Deputy Govr of North Carolina Dated 6th Janry 1728-9 owning his having been imposed on by Mr Lovick the Secy. Mr Gale Chief Justice and Mr Little Attorney Genl

Rec̄ed from Capt Burrington