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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Murray Crymble and James Huey concerning a land grant in North Carolina
Crymble, Murray; Huey, James
June 09, 1736
Volume 04, Pages 255-256

-------------------- page 255 --------------------

To the Kings most Excellent Majesty in Council.

The humble Petition of Murray Crymble & James Huey of London Merchants on behalf of themselves and several others, Sheweth

That as there are large quantitys of Land in your Majesty's Province of North Carolina uncultivated and not claimed by any Person which might after a Settlement being formed thereon be improved greatly to the service of the Colony in the increase of their Trade and Navigation. And also much enlarge your Majesty's Revenue in the Quit Rents especially if undertaken by Persons of ability who are able and willing to carry through undertakings of this nature which must necessarily at their first outset be attended with great expence.

Your Petitioners therefore from a firm intention to disburse the Sums necessary for such an undertaking do humbly propose if your Majesty shall be pleased to grant them the liberty of settling Six thousand Protestants in the said Colony on the heads of Pedee River Cape Fear River and Neus River and so leading upwards towards the Mountains there your Petitioners are willing to Settle that number being allowed and permitted to take up after the Rate of two hundred acres for each person so engaged to be settled there within the term of ten years.

That if it should be your Majesty's pleasure to order that the Lands should be laid out in different Districts or Townships on which the Swiss Palatines and other Protestants of Germany are to be settled and that they should be intermixed so that neither the Swiss or Palatines should lye altogether on one Spot your Petitioners acquiesce in your Majestys Pleasure therein or are willing to leave it to your Majestys Governor there to lay out the Lands in such Districts as he shall think most for your Majesty's service.

And in regard to the great charge your Petitioners will be put to in this undertaking in transporting so many Persons and providing them with the necessary provisions for their support and building Houses for the receiving them and also in the surveying and laying out the Lands which will amount to several thousand Pounds sterling.

Your Petitioners humbly hope your Majesty will think them deserving of Encouragement and that your Majesty will be graciously pleased to grant them the liberty aforesaid and that the Lands should with all convenient speed be laid out for the reception of the said Persons so engaged to be settled And that your Majesty will also be pleased to recommend it to your Governor there that none of your Majestys Officers should exact greater Fees upon the laying out the said Lands than are now allowed by the Laws of the Colony and to be paid according to

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the usuage of the Country And that your Majesty's Governor should pass the said grants with a Clause exempting the same from Quit Rents for the space of Ten Years.

And your Petitioners shall ever pray etc

Rec̄d: June 9th 1736