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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
February 15, 1738 - February 17, 1738
Volume 04, Pages 328-331

[From the MSS. Records of North Carolina Council Journals.]

At a Council held at Newton 15th day of February 1737 [1738]

Read the following Petitions for Patents Vizt

Agnes Ann Robinson 640 N. Hanover, Alchison Rowan 400 Ditto, William Gill 150 Bladen, Do 200 Do, Robt Jones 120 Craven, George Bishop 100 pt in each County N. Hanover and Onslow, Do 400 Do, Woodman Stockley 300 N. Hanover, Paul Wickstead 100 N. Hanover, James Huske 400 Do, Thos Jones 100 Bladen. Granted.

16th February Read the following Petitions

Sara Porter 640 N. Hanover, Jno & Saml Slade 200 Craven, Jno Marshal 150 Do, William Herritage 500 Do, Geoff Dawson 640 Bladen,

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David Moseley 400 Do, Sam Johnston 640 N. Hanover, William White 300 Bladen, Jas Portevint 640 N. Hanover, Jacob Shives (Scheibe) 220 Bladen, Andrew Ellison for his father Wm Ellison 320 N. Hanover, Solomon Smith 640 Craven, James Keith 400 Do, Joseph Tomny 400 Bladen, Thos Conner 640 N. Hanover, Jno Edwards 300 Ditto, Anthony Coxk 300 Carteret, Jno Montgomery 500 Craven, Thos Wier 220 Bladen, Ralph Miller 250 Ditto, David Turner 200 Carteret. Granted.

At a Council held at Newton 17 February 1737 [1738]. Read the following Petitions for Patents Vizt

Mary Hill 300 New Hanover, Luke Russel 300 Craven, Gold Smith Whitehurst 500 N. Hanover, Zach Evans 600 Onslow, Frans Urme 200 Craven, Christo Harrison 200 Do, Richd Cheeck 640 Beaufort, George White 300 Craven, Levi & Jno Alderson 640 Do, Jacob Taylor 500 Beaufort, Edwd Lee 320 N. Hanover, Benja Joyner, 580 Edgcombe, Martin Holt 640 N. Hanover, Henry Bishop 400 Do, Thos Cummins 300 Do, David Bevan 150 Do, Richd Eagles 80 N. Hanover, Rice Price 640 Do, Jos Lane 370 Edgcombe, David Gerganus 300 Bladen, Mary Ward 300 Beaufort, Jas Roberts 200 Craven, Isaac Kilpatric 640 N. Hanover, Jno Innet 600 Do, Henry Sumerland 300 Craven, Rice Price 200 Do, Sam Whitehurst 200 Do, Laz Price 200 Do, Jno Derham 200 Do, Thos McClang 200 N. Hanover, Francis Stringer 640 Craven, Ambs Arriss 480 Ditto, Mich Bridal 640 N. Hanover, Wm Pate 640 Craven, Josias Walters 400 Onslow, Jno Wallace 640 Do, Jno Guess 570 Do, Chas Cogdale 422 Carteret, Wm Borden 300 Do, Do 490 Do, Jno Williams 640 Onslow, Jas Spier 225 Edgcombe, Do 200 Do, Rob Warmen 640 Do, Jno Speir 640 Do, Do 640 Do, Jno Cane 190 Do, Jno —— 450 Do, Do 100 Do, Wm Whitehead 400 Do, Jas Jenkins 354 Do, Joseph Coffon 640 Do, Wm Whitehead 640 Do (but 560 returned), Jno Pope 610 Do, Thos Bryant 400 Do, Wm Whitehead 200 Do, Wm Bennet 200 Do

Jere Murphy a resurvey on Frederick Jones' Land in Craven between Mansfields Brook and Island Creek. Granted bet. the Surplus Land

Ordered that the Receiver General in taking Province Bills for the Kings Rents observe the like Proportion as 7 to 1 demanding and receiving the same otherwise than at 600 per cent on Sterling money thō below the real exchange in the course of trade

It being moved by Roger Moore Esqr that the Dispute between Jere Rowan Esqr and the Execrs of the late Mr Ash should now come under consideration Mathew Rowan Esqr in behalf of the said J. Rowan Alledged they were unprepared not expecting twould come on this Court and after some Arguments on both sides it was agreed and ordered to be referred to the next Court of Claims at Cape Fear

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Wm Whitehead praying by his Attorney in behalf of Thos West that a Patent granted in the time of the late Lords Proprs to Jno Pope dated 24 July 1728 be rectified agreeable to the underwritten Plot deferring from the Patent in that the first Course of the latter is So 44 and should be No 44 as in the said plot

Ordered that the Courses be laid down according to the Plot now Exhibited and that the same be Enrolled in the Secretary's Office

Read the Petition of Mich Clark for a resurvey of 2 tracts in Onslow Precinct belonging to the heirs of Col Reed at the Mouth of Stone Creek in Order to ascertain the Bounds of another tract belonging to the said Clark Ordered that the same be resurveyed and reported

Read the following Petitions

Jere Simmons 1000 Craven, George Roberts 208 Do, Phil Rayford 200 Edgcombe, Thos Clark 640 N. Hanover, Nath Carruthers 156,881 Perquimons, Wm Bornam 300 Edgcombe, Alex Strahann 300 N. Hanover, Ditto 100 Do, Corns Kennedy 278 Carteret

Jno Worsley for 200 acres Beaufort in consequence of a Warrant to his father Thos Worsley deceased executed and returned

Ordered that a Patent for said Land be made out in the name and to issue to the Heirs at Law

Ordered that a new Commission of the Peace issue for the Precinct of Carteret several now in the Commission resigning or neglecting to do the Duty of their Office and that the following Persons be therein appointed Justices of the said Precinct and hold Courts at the accustomed Seasons Vizt Thos Lovick Jas Wainwright Richard Rustal Enoch Ward Joseph Bell Thos Dudley Wm Williams Thos Austin Edward Ward Ralph Evans Jno Gillet Jos Bell Jun Esqrs

Appeared Capt James Innes who acquainting the Board that he was going out of the Province that therefore He desired leave to withdraw his bond as Security for the Receiver General the same was allowed

Read the Petition of William Whitehead setting forth that he obtained a Grant for 640 Acres in Edgecombe joining Josh Lanes Plantation at the Court of Claims held at Bertie to which Ann Thompson pretended that a Grant passed in your petrs favour he paying her husband the Costs of Warrants and Survey that the said order is lost or mislaid wherefore he prays a new Grant Granted

Thompson's Plot to be annexed to the said Whiteheads Patent

Ordered that the Receiver General do transmit to the Right Honōble the Lords of the Treasury an Account of the whole amount of the ensuing Collection with his observations showing what obstructions shall occur to him in the Execution of his Duty with Reasons and occasions

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of such obstruction and opposition the Secretary desired the direction of his Excellency and the Council with regard to a Patent ordered for Arthur Mabson the 16th December 1735 the Plot for which was returned and survey made by himself because that since the passing of the said Grants a Petition of the said Mabson for a another Grant has been rejected upon the Account i. e. because the Land applied for was run out by himself it appearing to the Board as a very irregular Practice which ought by no means to be allowed Which being considered the Board were of opinion that since the Patent had been ordered it ought to issue notwithstanding, that accordingly a Patent issue to the said Mabson for the Land as formerly prayed granted and returned

Read the Petition of William Whitehead praying a Patent granted to him the 16th October 1735 may be altered in the courses agreeable to a Plot produced

Ordered that the said plot be annexed to a new Patent in lieu of the former

Adjourned to the last Tuesday in June next following to sit at Newbern