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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hugh Waddell to Arthur Dobbs [Extract]
Waddell, Hugh, 1734?-1773
February 29, 1760
Volume 06, Pages 229-230

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind. Vol. 72.]

Extract of Major Waddell's Letter 29 Feby 1760

In Return to your Excellency's News I shall give you a little nigher home, for several Days I observed That a small party of Indians were constantly about the fort, I sent out several small parties after them to no purpose, the Evening before last between 8 & 9 o'clock I found by the Dogs making an uncommon Noise there must be a party nigh a Spring which we sometimes use. As my Garrison is but small, and I was apprehensive it might be a Scheme to draw out the Garrison, I took out Capt Bailie who with myself and party made up ten: We had not marched 300 yds from the fort when we were attacked by at least 60 or 70 Indians I had given my party Orders not to fire until I gave the word, which they punctually observed: We recd the Indian's fire: When I perceived they had almost all fired, I ordered my party to fire which We did not further than 12 Steps each loaded with a Bullet and 7 Buck shot, they had nothing to cover them as they were advancing either to tomahawk or make us Prisoners: They found the fire very hot from so small a Number which a good deal confused them; I then ordered my party to retreat, as I found the Instant our skirmish began

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another party had attacked the fort, upon our reinforcing the Garrison the Indians were soon repulsed with I am sure a considerable Loss, from what I myself saw as well as those I can confide in they cou'd not have less than 10 or 12 killed and wounded, and I believe they have taken 6 of my horses to carry off their wounded; The next Morning we found a great deal of Blood and one dead, whom I suppose they cou'd not find in the night. On my side I had 2 Men wounded one of whom I am afraid will die as he is scalped, the other is in a way of Recovery, and one boy killed near the Fort whom they durst not advance to scalp. I expected they wou'd have paid me another visit last night, as they attack all Fortifications by Night, but find they did not like their Reception.

To His Ecy Govr Dobbs.