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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to Thomas Gage
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
March 03, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 190-191

[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to General Gage Commander in Chief
of all his Majesty's forces in North Carolina

Brunswick 3d March 1766

I received agreeable to the favor of your intelligence of the 18th June last a deal box with a commission from his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland to make a collection of seeds and plants of this province: This commission I have executed but have since had the mortification to see an account of his Royal Highness' death. The deposition you sent me of the particular circumstances of the murder of Madame DeNoyer's husband I have proclaimed under the seal of the province with a reward of twenty pounds for the apprehending and convicting of either of the murderers.

The circulation of the Stamps have met with as general an obstruction in this province as in any on the continent. The particulars of

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the late disturbances in this town occasioned by the seizures by Capt Lobb of his Majesty's sloop the Viper of some sloops which arrived with unstampt clearances and the insults offered to government on that occasion, I shall desire Capt Hamilton to acquaint you with

I have the honor to be &c.