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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Pyle to Edmund Fanning
Pyle, John, 1723-1804
March 17, 1766
Volume 07, Page 191

[From MS. Records in Office of the Secretary of State.]
Letter from John Dyle to Coll Edmon Faning

Coll Edmon Faning whereas I have been acttive in publishing and Spreading a Certain piece of wrighting of a Scandelous & Defameing nature against thee, for the Doing of which I am rely sorry. and beg thy pardon; and Since thee Commencd a Sute against me for it, I have been three times at or near thy house in order to make up with thee: but was prevented by thy being from home and had not bodily disorders prevented: I should have waited on thee at this time, in order to have give thee the best satisfaction I Could, but was taken very ill yester Day with a vomiting and purging and am yet very poorly now, therefore I have wrote to thee Earnestly beging thy forgiveness intending if God doth Inable me to behave better in the futer—giving under my hand this Seventeenth of march 1766

present John Carter