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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Salisbury District Superior Court
North Carolina. Superior Court of Law & Equity (Salisbury District)
March 22, 1766 - March 24, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 191-192

[From the Records of Rowan County.]

22d March 1766

North Carolina

Salisbury, to Wit,

At a Superior court of Justice held for the district of Salisbury at the Court House in Salisbury on the 22d day of March in the 5th year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the third &c, in the Year of our Lord 1766.

The Hon—James Hasell Esq, produced a Commission from his Excellency William Tryon Esq, Governor & Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's province of North Carolina thereby constituting

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and appointing him the said James Hasell Chief Justice in & over our said province &c Dated the —— day of —— 1766. Which the said James Hasell Esq, qualified thereto according to Law, & took his seat of Justice, &c,

Court adjourned until Monday Morning 2 oclock.

Court met according to adjournment.


The Hon—James Hasell Esq,

Edmund Fanning Esq produced a Commission from his Excellency William Tryon Esq, Governor &c thereby constituting and appointing him assistant Judge of the Superior Court of Justice for the District of Salisbury to which Commission he qualified according to law, and thereby took his seat &c,

This day Col Edmund Fanning upon receiving & being qualified to his Commission as assistant Justice for the district of Salisbury has resigned his office as attorney General of this Court, His Honor the Chief Justice was pleased to appoint Mr William Hooper Attorney of this Court, attorney General in the room of Edmund Fanning resigned, who qualified according to law &c.

Court adjourned until tomorrow at 9 o'clock

Court met according to adjournment.


The Hon—James Hasell Esq C. J. and Edmund Fanning Esq, A. J.