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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Gray to Edmund Fanning
Gray, John
April 09, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 705-706

[B. P. R. O. America & West Indies. N. Carolina. No. 216.]

Lieutenant Colo John Gray to Edmund Fanning, Letter, received the 13. April and answered the same day and forwarded by Tyree Harris Esqre to whom a warrant was delivered signed by Mr Chief Justice Howard for apprehending & bringing before him, William Butler, Peter Craven & Ninian Bell Hamilton three of the principals in the Transaction at Hillsborough on the 8th instant.

Hillsborough April 9th 1768.

Dear Sir,

The Mob who stand in opposition to paying their Levies and who have so long threatened us appeared yesterday in Town to the number of about 100. in order to take from the Sheriff a horse which he had distrained for a Levy and after having taken and tied the Sheriff (Mr Hawkins) forcibly took the Horse and treated sundry of the Inhabitants of the Town very ill & crowned the whole by shooting

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two or three Bullets through your House. As I think it is such a piece of behaviour as cannot by any means be suffered in a civilized country and as the matter now lies on me in your absence I am on my way to Major Lloyds in order to consult with him on the steps that are most necessary to be taken on such an emergency.

The plan I have thought of is of raising the Militia and apprehending every man that is known to be of the Party & committing them to close gaol but as I am unacquainted with matters of this extraordinary nature and as I really am afraid the consequence will be bad at any rate I would gladly have your Council in the matter as quick as possible. I hope therefore you will lose no time on receipt of this in sending up an Express with such advice as you judge most expedient. For further particulars I refer you to Captain Thackston and am,

Dear Sir,
Your mo Obedt: hble Servant