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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edmund Fanning to John Gray
Fanning, Edmund, 1739-1818
April 13, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 706-707

Letter from Edmund Fanning to Colo. Gray

Dated at Halifax the 13th April 1768.

Dear Sir,

I am particularly obliged to you for your letter and the information you give me of your cautious, prudent and spirited behaviour on the extraordinary conduct of the late riotters. I have detained the High Sheriff of our County till I could obtain a warrant from the Chief Justice for apprehending the principals and I will deal with them in such a manner as the Law directs—I am hopeful there will appear in the Gentlemen, Officers & soldiers of the Orange regiment of Militia on this occasion the true spirit of loyalty and attachment to our King and Country and a just and becoming detestation & Abhorrence of the Odiousness of rebellion & disobedience to Law.—Such an instance of a traitorous and rebellious conduct and behaviour such a lawless opposition to Government such an open defiance of Law and contempt of authority I could never believe or suspect the Inhabitants of my Darling my favourite County guilty of—Such a behaviour is a disgrace to our County and something more than a dishonor to our King and Country. This spirit must be suppressed and properly punished or we may no longer expect our persons protected or our properties

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secured by the Laws of the Land but to lye open and exposed to the attacks of lawless violence and brutal force.

I therefore order that Captain Thomas Hart, Capt. Thomson, Capt. King, Capt. Mebane, Capt. Holt, Capt. Lytle and Capt. Thackston raise immediately as many men as Major Lloyd, Adjutant Nash and yourself shall think necessary to check the spirit of riotousness and rebellion and to enforce a full obedience to the Civil Officers of Government and the execution of Laws. Enemies of the Constitution are the most hateful and accursed enemies of a people, a Country or Kingdom I therefore entreat, desire and beg of you my brave and good officers my Trusty Friends & Countrymen that the within warrant be executed on the three persons named therein and that they be brought here by next Monday night at farthest. I have the greatest confidence in the spirited and loyal behaviour of the Officers and soldiers on this occasion; I should go in person on this service but the duty I owe my clients makes it impossible and I hope your good sense prudent and animated conduct will I flatter myself render it unnecessary. I shall only add that I am with my compliments to the officers the Corps Dear Sir

Your most Obedt: H. Servant