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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Stuart to Wills Hill, Marquis of Downshire
Stuart, John, 1718-1779
September 15, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 839-840

-------------------- page 839 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind. Vol. 272.]
Letter from Superintendent Stuart to Earl Hillsborough

Charles Town 15th September 1768.

I have the honour of laying before your Lordship the Arrangements which I humbly conceive to be necessary for conducting the business of the Department, which His Majesty has been graciously pleased to commit to my care viz:

That two Deputies be constantly employed, one of whom to reside in West Florida to manage the affairs of the Choctaws and Chickasaws, and the small Nations on the Mississippi; the other to assist the Superintendent in transacting Business with the Cherokees, Creeks and Catawbas.

That these Deputys shall be ready upon all occasions, to go upon any extraordinary duty, when ordered; and that the ordinary duties of their Office shall be to visit the Indian Nations, and report upon situations, with regard to each other, and their dispositions to us; to learn their designs and hear their complaints and grievances, as well as to demand satisfaction and obtain redress for insults and irregularities committed by the Indians.

That an intelligent Person be retained in each Nation who shall understand the language of such Nation, so as to serve occasionally as an Interpreter to deliver messages sent to, and receive messages from the Indians; that such Person shall not be hindered to trade and shall have a small annual salary, and be allowed extraordinary pay when ordered to attend any great Meeting when attending the Deputies, or sent upon any extraordinary Duty.

An Interpreter of the Choctaws & Chickasaws Language to be established at Mobile, at a certain allowance, who shall act under direction of the Deputy there and attend him upon all occasions.

I shall accordingly retain such Officers to be paid out of the sum provided by estimate till His Majesty's pleasure can be known.

I also humbly submit to your Lordship if it may not be necessary for His Majesty's service, that the Traders be instructed by the respective Governors to attend the Superintendency when summoned to any general Meeting of, or Interview with the Indians of the particular Nation in which they trade.

That as there are now no Posts garrisoned with His Majesty's Forces in the Indian Countries, or on the Frontiers of any Province

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within this District, an escort or Guard of the Militia of such Province where the Superintendent shall happen to be, may be ordered to attend any Congress or Meeting with Indians, to be held therein, for any of the purposes enumerated in the Report of the Lords Commissioners of Trade.

That upon complaint from any Indian Nation to the Superintendent of Encroachments on their Lands, Irregularities or Abuses committed by the back Inhabitants, or by the Traders the Superintendent may be instructed, to whom he is to represent such Complaint, in order to obtain redress immediately, without troubling your Lordship.

I beg leave humbly to submit to your Lordship if it may not be proper to ascertain the Jurisdiction that shall henceforward be exercised by the respective Governors beyond the Boundary Line now to be ratified.

I hope your Lordship will pardon the liberty I have taken in humbly submitting these matters to you, as doubts concerning them have occurred to me, and my desire to act properly suggested the expediency of my laying them before your Lordship.

I have the honor my Lord &ca