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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Salisbury District Superior Court [Extracts]
North Carolina. Superior Court of Law & Equity (Salisbury District)
September 05, 1768 - September 06, 1768
Volume 07, Page 838

[From the Court Records of Rowan County.]

North Carolina.
Salisbury, to Wit,

At a Superior Court of Justices held for the district of Salisbury at the Court House in Salisbury on Monday the fifth day of September in the Eighth Year of our reign Anno Domini 1768.


The Hon. Martin Howard Esq, His Majesty's Chief Justice of the province aforesaid,

Court adjourned till tomorrow at 10 o'clock,

Met according to adjournment.

The Hon Martin Howard Esq.
The Hon Richd Henderson Esq.

William Hooper Esq produced an appointment from under the hand and seal of Thomas McGuire Esq, his Majesty's Capt General of this province, thereby appointing and nominating him the said William Hooper attorney in behalf of his Majesty, in the district of Salisbury, the 22nd day of March 1768.

∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗

Court adjourned till four o'clock P. M.

Met according to adjournment,

The Hon. Martin Howard Esquire.
“ “ Maurice Moore Esquire.
“ “ Richd Henderson Esquire.