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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to Hugh Waddell
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
June 07, 1771
Volume 08, Page 717

Moravian Camp June 7th 1771.

General Waddell.

As it was the unanimous opinion of the Council of War held this morning that a sufficient number of Forces should be sent into the Southern and Western Counties to force the Inhabitants to a submission to Government, You will take under your command the several Detachments and Corps of Artillery mentioned in the after orders of this day with which you will march into such Counties to the Southward and Westward of Orange County as you may think necessary or the public service may require and to repel Force by Force. Many of the Men being bare footed you will take up as much leather as may be necessary to make them shoes for which you will give Receipts on account of the Public.

Should the public Service require twenty five Light Horse you may form that number under a Captain and at any time when Horses are wanted you may order them to be impressed for the service observing at the same time to discharge them when you can be supplied with fresh ones.

You will frequently report the state and condition of the army and your proceedings and follow such orders and directions as you may receive from me or the Commander in Chief for all time being. You are to fill up all Vacancies during the service as high as a Captain inclusive.

As soon as the service you are going upon is performed you will disband your Army and order the Commanding Officer of the Detachments to march their Men into their respective Counties and then dismiss them.

For any further directions I refer you to my letter of the 29th March last.

Most sincerely wishing that success and honor may attend yourself and Corps I am with real esteem—