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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Guilford County concerning the pardon of James Hunter
Powell, James; Butler, John, d. 1786; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 86-87

North Carolina

To his Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire his Majestys Captain General & Governor in Chief in and over the said Province—

The Petition of us the Inhabitants of Guilford County & Province aforesaid Humbly Sheweth that whereas the unhapy tumults Insurrections & Rebelions Which Disturbed the Peace and tranquility of this flourishing Province being Now Haply Stopt By the Good providence of God ye Indefeatigable Care Prudence Corage and Good Conduct of his Majestys Leat Govrnor over the said province and the officers under him Whos Conduct Will Be We hope of Great Utility to this and the Neighbouring provinces and add much to ye Peace and tranquility of your Excellencys administration so long as it shall please God to continue your Excellency over Us We Would Humbly Beg Leave to petition your Excellency in Behalf of one of the Persons out Lawed in this Unhapy Confederasy to Witt James Hunter and though We are Sensible that said Hunter hes forfeited his Life By Joyning this Unhapy Confedrecy Yet We Would Beg Leave to Inform Your Excellency We have all along observed a spirit of Leanity and tender Compassion in him above any of the Rest and Believes Whatever Was don By him against Government that he was actuated by others and Born down by the popelace and We Believe there has Been Examples Suficiant made alrady to debar any Evil designing persons for the futre from Joyning again in the Like Unhapy afair and as We are Well aquainted with said Hunters former Life and Conversation We are Well persuaded that Were he Restored Under his Majestys protection again that he Wold make a passable member of Sosiety & We Likewise Believe that he Bears true aleagins to his majesty King George the third and that if your Excellency Would Grasiously Restor him to his former Liberty that he Would for Ever detest and Abhor Such

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Combinations therefor may it Pleas Your Excellency to Greacously Grant a pardon When We Begg his Life for the Sake of a poor Disconslet Wife and Small Children and an aged mother He has no other Heir in this Life and his affectioned Relations With Whom We Sympathise depending on your Lenecy & Goodness Without any merit We hop for mercy may God Incline your Excellencys hart to descharg him as our Savour Christ did the Woman taken in adultery saying Go & Sin No more. Such Lenecy Will Ever Ingag your Humble Petitioners to Ever Pray

James Powell
James Wylie
James McAdam
Hugh Wiley
Andrew Finley
Thos Woodburn
Joseph Dobson
James Neelley
James Neelley Junior
Robert Neelley
John Shaw
William Forbis
James Graham
John Hall
Thomas Jenkins
Saml Walker
Jacob Henshaw
John Ryan
John Shaw
James Rouche
Adam Lackey
Thos Willey
William Cassick
William Willey
John Forbes
Edward Ryan
Jno Meadow
Hugh Walesjoy
Chales Logan
James Barry
David Barnhill
James Maxwell
Alexander Russel
Nathaniel Lyon
Thomas Willson
Andrew Finley
William Meben
Frank Jenkins
William Drayson
Wm Cole
John Law
Thos M Cuistion
John Shaw
Jams Haritt
John Kimbrough
John Lewis
John Telath
John Butler
Samuel Allen