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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Pitt County Committee of Safety
Pitt County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
November 03, 1774
Volume 09, Pages 1080-1081

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Pitt County.

Martinborough Nov 3rd 1774.

The committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present, John Hardee chairman, John Simpson, Robert Salter, Wm Bryant, William Robson, Edmond Williams, and Edward Salter.

On motion the committee, considering the present unhappy situation of the inhabitants of the town of Boston, and the miserable

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distress the poor inhabitants of said town are reduced to by the effects of several late acts of Parliament blocking up the port and harbor of the said town of Boston, and the poor of said town cannot exist nor support themselves and families without the assistance of the neighboring collinys, in order to relieve and support said poor of Boston, as far as our situation and circumstances admit, we appoint John Hardee, Esq., Wm Bryant, Robert Salter, John Knowis, Jr., James Gorham, Samuel Calhoun, John Page, John Williams, Henry Ellis, George Evans, George Maye, William Travis, James Armstrong, Robert Salter, James Latham, David Perkins, Godfrey Stansel, John Tison, Allen Sugg, Aaron Tison, Charles Forbes, James Brooks, Jacob Blount and Laz. Paine to assist the gentlemen of the vestry of St. Michael's Parish in collecting for the support of the said sufferers in said town of Boston, from such generous persons of this county as may give by subscription for support of said sufferers, such persons with the vestry to have subscription for that purpose, payable to the committee heretofore mentioned, them or either of them, they and each of them keeping a plain and regular account of what they receive and to give each person a receipt of said donation, and to furnish this committee of this county with a copy or the original of each of their accounts for their inspection and correction, which donations are to be collected from each receiver by the direction of said committee, to be shipped for the benefit of said Poore of Boston to any port on the continent, that the committee may think most Beneficial all the net proceeds thereof to be ordered into the hands of the committee appointed to receive the several donations from the different countys, towns, &c., on the continent in said town of Boston.

Resolved, That this committee will be thankful to any person or persons for any advise that may be of servise to the committee in general.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this committee be open for inspection of any Inhabitants of this county, they he or she being a friend to the freedom of American Liberty.

Ordered that John Hardee, Jno. Simpson, and Edward Salter acquaint the standing committee of this province, that a committee of this county, hath formed themselves, and are ready to communicate and receive advice from them.

The committee then adjourned till this day 2 weeks.