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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Address of inhabitants of Rowan and Surry Counties to Josiah Martin concerning loyalty to Great Britain
Bryan, Samuel, ca. 1726-1798; Et Al.
Volume 09, Page 1160

-------------------- page 1160 --------------------
Address of sundry Inhabitants of the Counties of Rowan and Surry to Governor Martin.

Permit us on the behalf of ourselves and many others of his Majesty's most dutiful subjects within the Counties of Rowan and Surry to protest against any person or persons who may violate any of his Majesty's Laws or the Peace of this Government. We are truly invigorated with the warmest Zeal and Attachment to the British Constitution and Laws upon which our Lives and fortunes and the welfare of the Province now depend and we utterly protest against meetings of people against the peace thereof or anything which may give birth to sedition and insurrection. We cannot but express to your Excellency that we consider all such Associations at this Crisis of very dangerous fatality to your Excellency's good Government of this Province distress the internal welfare of this Country and mislead the unwary from the paths of their duty and we do assure your Excellency that we are determined with the assistance of God in our respective stations steadfastly to continue his Majesty's loyal subjects and to contribute all in our power for the preservation of the public peace and that we shall endeavour to cultivate such sentiments in all those under our care and warm their breasts with true zeal for his Majesty and affection for his Illustrious Family. May the Almighty God direct his Council his Parliament and all those under him that their endeavours may be for the advancement of piety and the safety, honor and welfare of our Sovereign and his Kingdom that the malice of his enemies may be asswaged, their wild designs confounded and defeated, so that the whole world may see his sacred person and Country are the special objects of Divine dispensation and Providence.

[Signed by Samuel Bryan and 194 others.]