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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Address of inhabitants of Guilford County to Josiah Martin concerning loyalty to Great Britain
Fields, John; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 1160-1161

Address of Sundry Inhabitants of the County of Guilford to Governor Martin.

We his Majesty's most loyal subjects of the County of Guilford and Province of North Carolina beg leave to assure your Excellency that we hold an open detestation to all illegal and unwarrantable proceedings against his Majesty's Crown and Dignity, and as there is a general dispute between his Majesty and the Colonies of America past our knowledge to determine what the event may be, We therefore hold a firm attachment to his Majesty King George the third,

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his Crown and Dignity, We being before an unhappy people, lying under the reflection of the late unhappy insurrection, We therefore have taken this opportunity to shew forth our loyalty to his Majesty and his lawful commands and for further confirmation have hereto subscribed our names as maintaining our Rights under a legal authority.

[Signed by John Fields and 116 others.]