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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from an inhabitant of London, England to an inhabitant of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Extract]
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March 11, 1775
Volume 09, Page 1165

-------------------- page 1165 --------------------
[Reprinted from American Archives. Vol. 2. Page 118.]
Extract of a letter from London, to a Gentleman in Philadelphia.

March 11th 1775.

You have herewith enclosed some of the late English papers, and a peculiar fiery piece called the Crisis, wrote professedly in favour of Liberty and America, and which, from its freedom, has suffered Martyrdom at Westminster and the Exchange, by order of a prostituted Parliament.

The plan of this accursed Ministry is, to divide and govern, in hopes of completing their principle of Slavery, by the base advantages and preferences now held out to New York, North Carolina, and Georgia. Surely Americans must see through the flimsy texture, and nobly spurn at the offer! I cannot suffer myself to believe that these Provinces will desert the cause of liberty, by accepting the ignoble Commerce offered to them by this abhorred Parliament. But should it be the unhappy case, which God forbid, why then, let all the rest of America unite in a firm determination never to trade or have any connection with them again. With what contempt ought the base majority of the New York Assembly to be held! Have they not been honoured with that disapprobation, to wit: Tarring and Feathering? It ought to be administered as a determent to others. For if that defection had not happened, we had the utmost reason to expect other measures would have been adopted than these villanous Acts passed and passing. But for the satisfaction of my countrymen, let me assure them that if they will but steadily abide by the Resolutions of the Congress, this hateful Ministry must retire; and then, under the auspices of the Wide-expanded Soul of Chatham, his noble Conciliatory plan of a union must be adopted, and that, in spite of open enemies, or the more concealed and dangerous ones lurking under the specious title of moderation, we shall be free forever.

It gives every friend to American liberty the greatest satisfaction to find Doctor Franklin will return by the April Packet; for his long acquaintance with the machinations of this infamous Administration will enable him to spirit up the luke warm, and confirm the Patriot, as well in the Congress as throughout America.

Once more, let the Americans be united, and they shall obtain the glorious prize; but if they divide, they are irretrievably ruined.