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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Cumberland County Association [as printed in the National Journal]
Rowan, Robert; Et Al.
June 30, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 29-30

[From the National Journal, Washington, D. C., 15th August, 1825.]
The Cumberland County Association,

The following political compact is said to have been entered into by a number of citizens of Cumberland County, North Carolina,

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shortly after the battle of Lexington in 1775, and the original manuscript is in possession of the editor of the Cheraw Intelligencer. It is a document worthy of preservation as illustrative of the spirit of the times in which it was produced.

[The Association was the same in text with the one adopted at Wilmington. See ante page 26.—Editor.]

The signers of the Cumberland Association were—

“Robert Rowan
Lewis Barge
Maurice Newlan
Lewis Bowell
Martin Leonard
Theophelus Evans
Thomas Moody
Joseph DeLesting
Arthur Connue
John Oveler
David Shepherd
Micajah Terrell
Peter Masser
John Wilson
Thos Cabeen
Thos Rea
Danl Douse
James Emmet
James Dick
Aaron Vardey
John H Wenson
One'rs West
Wm Bathgate
George Fletcher
Charles Stevens
James Pearl
John Parker
Walter Murray
Thos White
Joshua Hadley
John Jones
Wm Blocker
Robt Council
Sam Hollingsworth
James Giles
John Clendenin
Robert Carver
Sam'l Carver
George Barns
James Edmunds
John Caraway
Wm Gillespy
Wm Herin
Philip Herin
David Evans
Robert Varner
James Gee
John Elwell
Benj Elwell
David Durm
Wm White
Simon Bauday
Joseph Greer
Robert Greer”

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: This document is sometimes know as the "Liberty Point Resolves."