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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the New Bern Committee of Safety
New Bern (N.C.). Committee of Safety
January 16, 1776 - January 18, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 414-417

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee at New Bern.

North Carolina
New Bern District. } Ss.

At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety for the District of NewBern specially called on Tuesday the 16th Day of January A D 1776.

Present: Col. Richard Cogdell, President; Mr Edward Salter, Mr George Barron, Mr William Tisdale, Richard Ellis Esqr, Doctor Alexr Gaston & John Simpson Esqr.

George Barron and John Simpson Esquires came into the Committee, subscribed the Test prescribed by the Provincial Congress, and took their Seats accordingly.

The Committee received by the Hand of John Simpson Esquire, a Certificate from the Provincial Council in the following words, to witt,

North Carolina
Johnston Court House }

In Provincial Council
19th December 1775.

The Council being informed that Roger Ormond Esquire one of the members of the Committee of Safety for the District of New Bern is dead,

It is resolved that John Simpson Esqr of the County of Pitt be and is hereby appointed a Member of the said Committee for the District aforesaid in the Room & Stead of the said Roger Ormond and that he the said John Simpson be admitted to take his seat accordingly.

By Order of Council.

JAs GREENE Junr Clk.

Ordered that that part of the Resolution of this Committee made the fourteenth Day of December 1775 respecting the Conduct of Mr Cooper in importing salt in the Brigg Defiance contrary to the Resolves of the Continental Congress, towitt, “that the said Brigantine

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should remain at NewBern untill the Congress should otherwise determine,” be rescinded, and that the Consideration of this Matter be laid over untill to Morrow Morning.

Ordered that Lovey Ellis be allowed Ten pounds thirteen shillings and four pence Proclamation Money for four Months Wages which will be due the twentieth Instant, for attending & nursing the sick soldiers at the Hospital, in Newbern, and that the Southern Treasurer pay the same.

Upon Motion of Mr John Greene Merchant, Ordered that he have Leave to ship to Philadelphia in the Sloop Fanny, Nichols Hyman Master, a Quantity of Naval Stores, Deer Skins, Furr, Hemp and Indigo, and any other Produce of this Country.

Whereas the General Congress at Philadelphia on the first Day of November 1775, Resolved that no produce of the United Colonies be exported (except from Colony to Colony under the Direction of the Committees of Inspection and Observation, and except from one part to another of the same Colony) before the first Day of March next, without the Permission and Order of the Congress.

This Committee have thought it expedient and necessary that the several Commodities to be exported should be inspected agreeable to Law Do therefore Resolve that such Commodities as by the Inspection Law are required and directed to be inspected, shall be inspected at the several Ports of Exportation, within this District, and each Town and County Committee shall require an Inspector's Certificate for the Produce to be exported, where there are inspectors appointed, from the Exporter thereof, before Permission is given to vessels to depart.

Ordered that a Copy of this Resolve be sent to the several Committees in this District.

The Committee adjourned till to Morrow Morning 9 oClock.

Wednesday, 17th Januy, 1776.

The Committee met according to Adjournment.

Present: Col. Richard Cogdell, President; Col. John Simpson, Edward Salter Esqr., Richard Ellis Esqr., Mr Major Croom, George Barron Esqr., Doctor Alexr Gaston & Mr William Tisdale.

Ordered that Mr David Barron be allowed three pounds Eight Shillings Proc. Money for seven Cords of Fire Wood, supplied the Troops in Consequence of an Order of this Committee, and that the Treasurer of the Southern District pay the same.

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Ordered that Mr David Barron continue to supply the Troops with Fire Wood as usual.

Whereas this Committee of Safety for this District, at a former Meeting on the fourteenth Day of December last were informed upon Oath that Mr John Cooper had imported in the Brigg Defiance into this Province a Quantity of Salt in Violation of the Resolves & Association of the Continental Congress, in Consequence of which Information this Committee caused a Number of Men to be embodied, who proceeded to Pungo River & took Possession of said Brigantine and brought her to New Bern, agreeable to the Direction of this Committee; and Whereas there is a great Scarcity of Salt in this Province, and to prevent any Disputes that may result from the Destruction of that Article, this Committee

Resolved that the said Salt shall be distributed and Sold in the following Manner, to witt, Six hundred Bushells shall be landed and sold at the Town of New Bern, under the Direction of the Town Committee, Two hundred Bushells at Woodstock in the County of Hyde, Eight hundred Bushells at Martinborough in the County of Pitt, and the remainder at Meherrin in North-Hampton County, under the Direction of the last mentioned County Committees; and after paying the Expences aud Charges to Major John Tillman for bringing said Brigantine into this Harbour, the Net Proceeds shall be deposited into the Hands of Col. Richard Caswell, the Treasurer of the Southern District, there to remain untill the Provincial Congress or Council shall determine whether the same shall be delivered to Mr Cooper or applied to the Publick.

Ordered that Mr John Cooper enter into Bond with sufficient Security to deliver the aforesaid Salt at the respective Places mentioned in the foregoing Resolution, and that upon Receipts being produced from the several Committees of the Delivery of the Salt that the Bond shall be cancelled.

Ordered that Major John Tillman be allowed Eighty-Eight pounds five shillings Proc. Money for his and the Men's Services embodied to take into Custody the Brigantine Defiance before mentioned, as by his Account sworn to and filed.

On Motion it is Resolved that Lieutenant Henry Vipon remain in this District for the Purpose of Superintending the Soldiers and Works at the Fort at Hanging Point, and keep them there and to their Duty, untill a Superior Officer arrives.

The Committee adjourned 'till to Morrow Morning 8 o'Clock.

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The Committee mett according to adjournment on Thursday the 18th January 1776.

Present: Col. Richard Cogdell, President; Col. John Simpson, Richard Ellis Esqr, Mr William Tisdale, Mr Major Croom, Edward Salter, Esqr, Mr George Barrow & Doctor Alexr Gaston.

Whereas we have received Information by a Letter from the Chairman of the Committee of the Town of New Bern that in Consequence of Intelligence they had received from the Committee of Safety for the District of Edenton, the Property of Mr McKnight, wherever to be found, was to be seized; and Whereas the Committee for the Town aforesaid, made seizure of a Ship the Property of the said McKnight and others at the Barr, being laden and bound to Sea contrary to the Resolutions of the Continental Congress, and caused her to be brought to New Bern, and further that some of the Effects on Board said Ship had been destroyed, on Motion,

Resolved that it be recommended to the Committee of said Town of New Bern, and we do hereby recommend it accordingly, that they dismantle the Ship Belville, Store the Materials, have her moored at a wharf, take the Ammunition on Board into the Magazine at New Bern, discharge Capt. Vaunce and his Men, and Order the Commanding Officer of the Continental Troops stationed at New Bern to mount Guard on Board said Ship and see that she does not depart until Permission is obtained from the Congress or Council of Safety; and that Capt. Seadlock have Liberty to keep Possession of the Cabbin of said Ship, until further Proceedings had thereon by the Provincial Congress or Council of Safety.

Ordered that the Sum of Eight pounds Proc. Money be allowed Mr John Cooke for his services done in this Committee, and that the Southern Treasurer pay the same, and be allowed in his account with the Public.

Ordered that this Committee be adjourned untill the Twenty-first day of February next, and notice thereof given in the North Carolina Gazette.

Jno Cooke Secy.
A true Copy—By order. Jno Cooke Secy.