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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the South Carolina Council of Safety
South Carolina. Council of Safety
February 16, 1776
Volume 11, Page 273

[From Journal of the Council of Safety, Vol. 3 pages 260 & 261]
(Collection of the Historical Society of South Carolina.)

In the Council of Safety,
Friday, 16th Feb., 1776.

The Council met.

The following orders were drawn on the colony treasury—to pay:

To Col. Thomas Polk, for pay and rations of the North Carolina volunteers on the expedition under Col. Richardson, and for rations to Col Martin's detachment—to be charged to Col Richardson's expedition £16,005.06.00.

262. To Col. Robert Lanier for rations and waggons, for Col. Rutherford, Col. Graham and Col. Martin's regiments from North Carolina on Col. Richardson's expedition, £2,590.06.00.

263. To Col. Richardson, for discharging the pay of a detachment from Col. Griffith Rutherford's regiment from North Carolina, on Col. Richardson's expedition, and for rations and wagon hire, £888.00.00.