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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Griffith Rutherford
North Carolina. Council of Safety
July 21, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 318-319

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Halifax 21st July 1776


Yesterday your favour of the 12th & 14th July reached us for which we return you our sincere thanks and have to assure you that this board will with pleasure upon all occasions afford every assistance in their power to the Western Frontiers we refer you to our Letters sent by Messrs. Gibson and Jewel for your conduct with respect to Indian Affairs and have only now to tell you that the most vigorous measures must be fallen upon by you to put an end to this cruel unjust & wicked Indian war and in order to effect which you are hereby impowered

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to raise as many of the Militia in your Brigade as will answer this Salutary purpose and to march with the same into the Indian Country in conjunction with Major Williamson who Commands the South Carolina Troops and there act in such a manner as to you in your good sense & judgement may seem best so as effectually to put a stop to the future depredations of those merciless Savages. We are truly sorry for the unhappy situation of our western Brethren and most heartily condole with them in their present sufferings. We shall very shortly remove higher up the Country of which we shall give you notice of the place. Tomorrow Morning a Waggon will set off from this Town with one thousand weight of Gun powder directed to you or in your absence to Mr. Matthew Lock Esqr In case you should bring the Cherokees to their reason and they should incline to make a peace with the Southern Colonies we would advise by all means that they deliver up Hostages for their future good behaviour. All other Matters we leave entirely to your discretion. As So. Carolina has by this time 2100 Men in the field and we hope they have joined you we therefore cannot think of ordering any Troops out of the Hillsborough Brigade (as you well know how many disaffected persons reside in that district & neighborhood) as we hope you have a sufficient force to conquer the Lower Cherokees. We recommend to you the greatest frugality in the article of Ammunition

We are Sir, with very great respect your mo. obed Servt
By order of the Council of Safety.