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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Jamieson & Co. from Richard Caswell
James Jamieson & Co.
January 06, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 359-361

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charles Town, 6th Jan'y, 1777.


We take the liberty of advising your Excellency of our P. C. Poole's return here a few days ago, and that in consequence of the honor conferred on him by your state, in appointing him their agent, in Amsterdam, we think it our duty to acquaint you of the prices of such goods here as he informs us were much wanted with you at the time he left North Carolina, of which you have an account by post. Should your State still be in want of these articles and you find the prices here are such as may induce you

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to order any of them, to be sent from hence, we would recommend your dispatching vessels immediately to this with Flour, Ship-bread Tobacco, and salted Pork which will answer here, also Iron if to be procured with you, of all which you have the present prices by post.

Salt is plenty with us at this time—large quantities having arrived of late, but the prices have fluctuated much—this has been the case with goods in general for some months past—so that it is impossible to say how long they may continue at the present rates. Our supplies have been large, and while the coast continues clear of the Ships of war, we doubt not but our Trade will be equally extensive. As the currency of other States will not circulate in this, we think it proper to acquaint your Excellency that, in the event of your ordering goods from here provided you cannot meet with a sufficient quantity of tonnage to ship in exchange in such case, we would propose that your State remit us in Continental Currency or appoint us a credit on the Continental Treasury for the balance, we may ship, more than the amount of what we may have received.

We are hopeful that your State may have purchased some vessels in New England for the purpose of exporting your Tobacco to Surinam in consequence of the plan mentioned to them by Mr. Le Poole, and which he informed us they have approved of, in order that he may the sooner have it in his power to make them returns from Amsterdam.

We shall from time to time advise your Excellency of such matters as we shall think condusive to the interest of your State, and when Mr. Le Poole will leave this in order to proceed for Holland, in the mean time we beg leave to acquaint your Excellency that, unless the post is established on a better footing in future, than it is at present, it will be impossible for us to maintain that regular intercourse with your State that is necessary, as the post which set off from North Carolina, previous to Mr. Le Poole's departure from thence is not yet arrived—there being three mails now due. This is a circumstance we have also taken the liberty of mentioning to his Excellency the Governor of Virginia.

It will afford us pleasure to render the State of North Carolina every service in our power here. In the mean time, we assure your Excellency that, we are with the utmost respect your mo. ob. humb'l surv't


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P. S. Should any french vessels, arrive in your State, the Captains of which may not be inclined to receive the whole amount of their Cargoes in Tobacco, in such case you may engage to fill them from hence, with Rice, loading such a quantity of Tobacco, in such vessels for this as will enable us to purchase the Rice you may order.

His Excellency the President of North Carolina.