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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Gray Blount to Richard Caswell
Blount, John Gray, 1752-1833
July 05, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 510-511

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Contentney, July 5th, 1777.


I was yesterday informed by Col. Robert Salter who left Tarborough that morning that Col. William Williams was out there on some business and had received an express from Mr. Whitmil Hill informing him of a traitorous conspiracy formed mostly in Martin and the adjacent Counties but more or less in almost every County from North to South of the State. They were at some certain night to fall on and assassinate all the leading men. The discovery was made by some person whom they had lately taken up and examined, and it is generally believed there are some principal

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persons concerned in their horrid plan. If so it's more than probable they are acquainted with the unguarded situation of the magazine of this State and will make an attempt te destroy it. I beg leave to observe your Excellency that I think the Artillery Company at Wilmington are quite insufficient even with the greatest diligence to the task of guarding the two forts, magazines, &c. I am with respect your Excellency's hum'ble ser'vt.

His Excellency Richard Caswell.