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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by the United States Board of War concerning the North Carolina Light Dragoons
United States. Continental Congress. Board of War and Ordnance
November 21, 1778 - November 24, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 496-498


At a Board of War, Nov. 21st, 1778.

Mr. Sherman
Mr. Lee
Mr. Peters

Agreed to Report to Congress,

That Capt. Medici of the North Carolina Dragoons having applied to the Board of Directors for his future Government, the Board beg leave to state the case of the said Troops;

That they have from an impracticability to provide for them,

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been hitherto unemployed in the Field, except upwards of forty who were lately completely fitted out and sent to Genl McIntosh under Capt Ashe, under an Expectation that the men whose Times were nearly expiring would agree to stay for two months beyond their Engagements: But on or soon after their arrival at Fort Pitt, their Times being expired, all but 14 quit the service & went home.

That Capt. Medici having been sent to Carolina to purchase horses about 18 months ago, & having sent on a few, just before the Departure of Congress from York Town, the Board uneasy at his Delay for so immoderate a Length of Time, wrote to him and directed him to come to Philadelphia to settle his accounts. On his arrival we were informed that he had by order of Col. Bland who met with him at Halifax in N. Carolina, recruited upwards of 30 men for the Term of three years or during the War & gave them Furloughs with orders to meet him at Halifax the beginning of this month. He has also eleven men at Philadelphia.

That the whole of the said men are unprovided with clothing & accoutrements except some may have been provided in Halifax by order of Capt. Medici—have but few horses.

That from their not being annexed to any Corps, they cannot in the Opinion of the Board be of much utility to the States, unless they can be employed to the southward under Genl Lincoln; and then much Expense will accrue in fitting them out for the Field: Wherefore the Board beg leave to report that the case of these Troops be referred to the committee appointed for the Direction of the Southern Expedition.

By Order

That as the United States have no further occasion for the services of the Troops of the Light Dragoons raised by, and when taken into Continental Pay, in the particular service of the State of North Carolina, the said Troops be no longer considered in the pay of the Continent. And they are hereby returned to the said Government of the said State to be retained in the pay thereof or discharged as they shall deem proper.

By Order

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Be paid up to the 1 January & that after that they be discharged. A motion being made for clothing for the said troops

Ordered that it be referred to the Board of War & that the board enquire into the state of the said troops and to supply them with such clothing as may be due to them.


Report Board of War

No Carolina Light Horse

Nov. 24th 1778.