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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from [Jacob] James, N. Vernon, and S. Willet to Horatio Gates
James, [Jacob]; Vernon, N.; Willet, S.
September 07, 1780
Volume 14, Page 596

-------------------- page 596 --------------------

Halifax, September 7th, 1780.


Being by the fate of war made Prisoners our situation at present, very Disagreeable & Painfull, being in want of money and Necessaries, and at so Great a distance from the British Army, not in our Powers to Procure them, Confined to the Limits of half the Small town of halifax, having nothing to Rely on, but the General Laws of Nations, Sentiments of humanity & Generosity; from the Above motives are induced to Petition your Excellency to be paroled into Charlestown, but if you should think this Request not at this time Convenient, we would wish to be Paroled into New York, for Either on parole or Exchanged as you may think proper, but if the Above Requests should be too great a favour, may we hope, sir, to be paroled into Philadelphia, from which Place we may Possibly be able to Supply our wants, for the Performance of which we will most Sacredly Pledge our Honours.

We ask pardon, sir, for haveing intruded thus much on your time, but hope our Situation and Circomstances will Plead our Excuse.

Hopeing for the Best,
Are your Excellency's
Most Obedient, Humble Servants,
And Prisoners of war,
J. JAMES, Captn. Br. Legion.
N. VERNON, Lt. B. L.
S. WILLET, Volunteer, B. L.

N. B. Captn. Waters will Please to Send an Answer by Mr. Weldon, or Mr. Munford, who are at Hilsburough.