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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Ezekiel Cheaver to Horatio Gates
Cheaver, Ezekiel
September 07, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 597-598

-------------------- page 597 --------------------

Philadelphia, 7th September, 1780.

Hon'd & Dear Sir:

I am here in order to Settle my Acco'tts of Expenditures for ye department at Springfield, which has been Embarrassed Since my Concern with ye Same for want of a proper adjustment. Colo. Mason J. Ward I presume you are sencible was appointed principal Officer.

I am only Comy. Milt'y Stores, with Title of Colo., but have never been honored with a Commission and never favd. with a particular order or Scale of Line of my duty. However, have honestly & faithfully endeavored to Discharge ye duty assigned, and appeal to the officers of the department for my utmost endeavours to Cultivate Harmony & promoting the public Service.

At the pressing instance of Captains Traxton, Barton, Hawes, Boucher & Boylston, I undertook this Journey to represent the Difficulties & distresses of the Springfield department—not knowing I was Censured or Accused of any fault or defficiency in duty, and defy Eney to maintain any charge to my discredit, excepting non-experience or Ignorance, wch doubt not may be Winked at. I have ye satisfaction of receiving His Excellency Genl. Washington's acknowledgment of his full approbation of my Service.

You, Sir, are well knowing to my Conduct, from my first appointment as Comy Milt. Stores, and wn. I have mentioned the smallness of my pay, &c., you encouraged me I should, provided I Continued, be made good in meal or malt. Flattered with a Generous & grateful confidence in his Excellency's and your approbation, you'l easily Conceive my feelings upon receiving ye following by the hand of Major Hogdon:

In Congress, July 26th, 1780.

Resolved that Ezekiel Cheevar, Esq., and Lt. Col. David Mason, who have been employed at Springfield, in the State of Massachusetts Bay, in ye Department of the Commissary General of Mil'try Stores, be excused from further service at this Post; that the

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Board of War & ordinance be authorized & directed to remove any unnecessary officer at that and any other Post in the Department of the Comry Gen. Stores, and to arrange the affairs of the whole Department in such manner as they should deem most Conducive to the public Service, Reporting their proceedings to Congress.—Extract from ye minutes.

GEO. BOND, Depty Secy.

Nevertheless the Board of War have directed Majr. Hogdon to give me Instructions to Settle all accots. with those who have any Connection with the department, and to forwd. them without delay, wch orders I shall observe.

Thus, my honored & dear Friend, I have presumed to make my humble & dutyful address, relying on your generous & affectionate friendship.

I shall sett off to-morrow for Genl. Washington's Camp at English Neighborhood, on my way to Springfield, and Request Your Honor will be pleased to favor me with a line. Ardently wishing You Honor & Success, with grateful regards to yourself and family, I have the honor to Subscribe,

Ye most obedient & humbl. Servt.,
D. C. Gen. S.
Hon. Maj. Genl. Gates.