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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Penn to Alexander Mebane
Mebane, Alexander, 1744-1795
September 22, 1780
Volume 14, Page 639

-------------------- page 639 --------------------
Colo. Mebane.

I am informed by General Gates that he is in great Want of Provisions for the Troops under his Command, as well as Forage for the Horse; that unless he can be supplied by having Magazines laid up by the State, he will be under the Necessity of permitting the Army to carve for itself, or must move the Troops away. He expresses an Unwillingness to do either.

From the Situation we are in, and the Necessity of Procuring Supplies for the Army without Delay, I desire that you will lose no Time in obtaining them. You will try to purchase from the Farmers, but if they refuse to sell, you must then Sieze both provision for the Men as well as Forage for the Horse. Be careful to comply, as near as you can, with the Act of Assembly, both as to the Quantity you take and the Certificate you give. You will inform me from Time to Time how you proceed.

Hillsborough, Septr. 22nd, 1780.