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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from G. Wade to William Smallwood
Wade, G.
November 26, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 758-759


26 November 1780.


I have a small quantity of porke and Corne that I Can Spare To the publick, to A Bout the quantity of foure Thousand weight of porke and about one hundred Barels of Corne, which I should be Glad you Wood Caus it to be sent four as Sune as Convenant, as the hogs is Rather falling away and I have not the Chanc to bring them to Camp. I have about Two thousand weight at Mr. Mases, at Woch's Saw Creek, which may be had Tomorrow, if Sent for; if you think proper to Geve me aney instructions to purches, I shall Do the best I Can for the Support of the Troops. I don't

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aprehend aney Danger in Coming Down to my place, as we Constently have Small Scouts for Sevrall milles be Low thare, and meets with noe opesition. I intended to of Come up to see you on this occation, only I am trying to Secure what of my property is Left by the Tories and British.

I am, Sir, with Esteem,
Your Humble Sarvn't,
To Major General Smallwood.