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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Message from Abner Nash to the North Carolina General Assembly
Nash, Abner, ca. 1740-1786
September 06, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 76-77

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Hillsborough, 6th Sept., 1780.

To The Honourable the General Assembly.

The distress of the country, and the dangers to which it is exposed, call aloud for the most speedy and decisive measures. The enemy, elated with their late successes, are now hanging on your borders, and are threatening an invasion of this country. Your men are numerous and high-spirited; a considerable body of regular troops are now on their march to your aid; and the country abounds in provisions of all kinds; but yet if wise and vigorous measures are not immediately taken to draw forth the strength and resources of the country, we may nevertheless be over run and become an easy prey to the enemy. The Congress have advised a specific tax, and no other measure will, in my Opinion, be adequate to the consumption of the Army; nor will this be sufficient for the present demand, for at this time our treasury is exhausted, and we have no magazine of provisions laid up. I don't know that there is three days' bread that can be depended on for the troops here. It is evident, therefore, that some further immediate supply should be sought for, whereby the army may be supplied, whilst the provision tax is collecting. A fund, Gentlemen, is in your hands, and necessity, in my opinion, calls loudly for the immediate appropriation of it for the defence of our lives, liberties and fortunes. As I have only one of the

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council to aid and advise me, permit me earnestly to recommend to the General Assembly the expediency of appointing a board of war in aid of the executive, and that the vacancy in the council may be filled up.