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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from John Wilcox concerning his ironworks
Wilcox, John
Volume 15, Pages 214-215


To the Honourable the General Assembly now sitting, the Memorial of John Wilcox

Humbly Sheweth,

That your Memorialist, at a very great expence, erected a furnice & forge in Chatham County for the purpose of making Iron; that he hath supplied the army of the United States at different

-------------------- page 215 --------------------
times with iron to the amount of five tonns & upwards, which he hath never received any kind of satisfaction for; that some time in June last your Memorialist had the misfortune to lose his Furnice by means of a very great fresh; that your Memorialist is entirely unable to repair his works again, unless this Hon'ble House will be good enough to make him some satisfaction for the Iron and sundry other things they have rec'd of him for the use of the publick. Your Memorialist begs leave also to inform this House that he stands in need of sundry workmen to compleat his Business, which he is obliged to bring from the Northern States, where, by the laws, they are exempt from Military duty, and refuse to come to this State, unless they can also be exempt. Therefore your Memorialist greatly hopes this Honble. House will take these things into consideration and do what to them in their great good sense seems right.