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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Mallett to Richard Caswell
Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805
January 04, 1780
Volume 15, Page 314

-------------------- page 314 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Campbelton, 4th January, 1780.


I have not been honored with a line from your Excellency since my letter by Genl. Butler. On my arrival here I found myself in advance for Col. Lamb's Regiment, and other Troops, passing and repassing, upwards of 14,000. I have therefore desired my Brothers to wait on your Excellency, in order to receive a Warrant for that sum at least. I am also to inform you that there are many demands against Col. Lamb's detachment in the Quarter Master's department and Hospital. I paid up those orders so long as money lasted, and now I find the balance so much in my favor, I have deferred advancing further until I am in Cash, or that I have your approbation. There is now in the Hospital and Town about 40 Continental Men, and there has not been a smaller number since Major Hogg marched; it is therefore necessary that Bread-kind should be provided for those men at least. The Militia of this County, which are ordered to South Carolina, are collected, and I have found them provision for their March to Pedee. At the request of Genl. Butler we furnished the Militia at Hillsborough with every thing necessary; the meat kind went partly from this place, and the bread kind, with some Beef, was drawn from the Continental Stores there. Doctor Ingram, who has attended the sick ever since July last, wishes to know if your Excellency will advance him any money on the strength of his account, which appears to be no small sum, and for many necessaries he is in advance.

I am with due respect, Sir,
Your Obt. Servt.,