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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from George Little to Richard Caswell
Little, George, 1731-1800
March 30, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 364-365

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hertford County, 30th March, 1780.

May it Please Your Excellency:

In consequence of Genl. Gregory's orders, I have received a draft, to be made out of the Militia of this County, for the number of men called for. But through a multiplicity of difficulties and inconveniencies which naturally arise upon these occasions amongst the Militia, who are so unaccustomed to march into the field of Mars, I have not been able to get them off so soon as I could have wished for, but as I'm young in office I hope your Excellency will pardon what he does not look upon as remission in my duty. I hope you'l pardon the freedom I take in writing to your Excellency in this sort, as it shall always be without violating that respect due to your merit. The wagon employed to attend this present draft of troops I have engaged to be discharged at Kingston. The real difficulty I found attended getting a wagon for the service reduced me to a necessity of engaging it on these terms, therefore must beg your indulgence so far as to discharge it on the arrival of the Troops. I am afraid I have already trespassed on your patience through prolixity, therefore shall conclude with subscribing myself,

Your Excellency's mo. ob. servt.,

P. S. There is a young Gentleman in Capt. Lewis Brown's company by the name of Lewis Carter, of a creditable family,

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which I take the freedom of recommending to your Excellency's notice if a vacant Ensigncy or Lieutenancy offers.

I am, &c.,
G. L.

You'l please to excuse this imperfect hurried scrawl, being wrote in the midst of a crowd.

I am, &c.,
G. L.