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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
General orders from William Campbell at Bethabara
Campbell, William, 1745-1781
October 26, 1780
Volume 15, Page 372

-------------------- page 372 --------------------

Camp at Bethabara, October 26th, 1780.

Parole Henry.

Col. Cleveland to take command of the guards now here, and of those who may come to camp till I return, and in the meantime to issue such orders as may be necessary. Should I by letter direct the prisoners and troops to move from here, they are to do it and go to such place as I shall so direct. The officers and soldiers are to lodge in camp, and to be and remain there from eight O'clock at night until next morning after guard-mounting, under pain of arrest or confinement. The officers ordered on guard to attend strictly to their duty until they are relieved. The Commissary to issue full rations to the prisoners. The regular officers to continue at the place until I return, unless I shall direct them to be removed with the other prisoners. It is hoped no insult or violence unmerited will be offered to them. My wish is that no unnecessary injury be done to the inhabitants of this place or the adjacent country. No liquor to be sold or issued to the troops without an order from the commanding officer for the time being. This order respects all retailers of spirituous liquors in or near camp, of which they are to be made acquainted.