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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Board of War
North Carolina. Board of War
Volume 15, Page 390


The Board taking the same into Consideration, Resolved the Governor be advised to direct the Colonel to order a detachment from the Dobbs Regiment of Militia to apprehend the said Godwin, Davis, Horn, and Zelverton, and all other of the Associators who may be thought dangerous, and to require the officer commanding the detachment to Search all suspected places for the aforesaid Associators or Inlistments, and that the aforesaid detachment, while Performing the aforesaid Service, shall be Entitled to pay for the same.

The Governor laid before the Board a Letter from the Governor of South Carolina, Informing that a number of Persons who were formerly Inhabitants of this State, and who since the present form of Government was adopted had left the same and joined the Enemy, had been taken prisoners, and were kept confined in order to be sent to this State for Trial by the same thereof.

Resolved, That the Governor be advised to order them to be brought into this State and Confined until tried agreeable to Law.

The Governor informed the Board that he had not been furnished with returns from some of the Brigadiers, and but partial returns from others. That he could not apportion the deficiency of the 2,000 Men directed to be raised by Act of Assembly for want of the Number of Inhabitants enlisted in the several Counties, and a General state of the Militia. That the Militia in Service in South Carolina would be discharged on the 10th Instant. That the Commanding Officer, as well as the Governor of that State, had repeatedly solicited the aid Granted by this to be sent on without delay; And whether the Militia to be raised in Virtue of that Law were to be Commanded by Militia Officers? The same being taken into Consideration, Resolved, that the Governor be advised to cause the said 2,000 Men to be immediately drafted out of the Militia after deducting the number of Men raised as Substitutes.